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The picture I posted is our family room/dining room.  It’s actually a good size and feels even bigger than the farmhouse.  Our apartment is in a residential area with huge trees lining the streets.  Our building is located across from the University of San Sebastian which is fenced entirely in and takes up the entire city block.  When I say fenced in I don’t mean it  in an ugly way just that it’s secure and set apart.  We live about five blocks from the tallest building in South America which has a huge 5 story mall inside it.  You would think being so close we would live on a busy street but it’s not at all.  It’s very convenient living so close because this mall has many American shops, Chilean department stores (like our Macy’s), a high end grocery store, movie theater (Spanish and English) and a home improvement store.  From the outside it looks like a business building but once you walk inside it opens up to layers of floors of stores.  We also have a smaller cheaper store on the other side of our building called Lider which is owned by Walmart where we can get our basic groceries.  Our apartment has a gate with a buzzer to get in and we feel very safe.  Santiago has a very low murder rate, but unfortunately does have petty theft such as pick-pocketing, etc.  I make sure I keep my pocketbook around my neck and close to me but I don’t feel threatened at all.  The doormen are very kind and we try hard to communicate.  It’s like playing charades sometimes but we usually figure it out.  Our apartment has 4 very small bedrooms and 3 small baths.  It also has a very small galley kitchen with an attached “laundry” which is outside.  There is no dryer so we are air-drying our clothes.  The windows are my favorite part of the apartment.  We can leave them open and we rarely have to turn on lights.  Hope this isn’t boring you all.  I’ll write later about some differences that I see in our everyday lives with Chileans.  This weekend we’re going to an Apologetics conference at church and then we’ve been invited to a dinner at some new friends’ home.  Hope you all have a good weekend, and I’ll write soon.  Love you all.

Been a week, Feels like a year

We just got internet installed yesterday so I haven’t been connected to even try to work on this blog.  We’ve been so busy that I doubt I could have taken the time.  Saturday we arrived at Santiago Airport fairly early in the morning so after immigration and customs we bought a cab into the city to the apartment.  Amazingly, our attorney had just dropped off our keys with the doorman so we could immediately get into the apartment and unpack our suitcases.  We only brought 6 random sized bags full of summer clothes and books so it didn’t take us very long.  The apartment is mostly furnished with the minimum of most things- 4 plates, 6 glasses, 5 forks- you get the point.  It’s actually nice not having an abundance around to clean.  It’s very dusty here because there is no air conditioning.  The boys were shocked but a fan has been adequate.  The weather is very warm but there is low humidity and a breeze.  We have lots of windows and doors to patios that stay open all the time which causes the dust.  We’re on the eighth floor so there’s no potential for robberies.  I’ll post pictures when I can figure out how.  This is surprising that I can even do this.  🙂  Since Saturday we have shopped for groceries several times (no car, walk everywhere, tiny refrigerator), gone to church and had lunch with friends, tried to figure out metro and bus schedules (still working on buses), received the visas we were waiting on, tried to set up a bank account (still working), and practiced a lot of Spanish.  We were “talking” to one young guy in Spanish about the internet and he asked us just to speak English slowly and he would figure it out.  What a blow!  Anyway, I thought I would just comment in the next posts about things I’ve noticed here and how they differ from home.  We miss everyone so much.  Finally have home email and magic jack.  Please use it!