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Thought I would tell you about the excursion(s) to the doctor.  A mom here recommended her child neurologist that she uses for her children.  I looked up the hospital online to see where the office was.  Getting an appointment was so easy.  I registered Andrew as a patient with just one page of information.  Then, I went to the doctor’s schedule and clicked on the time I wanted to see her.

We scheduled the appointment for 2pm but unfortunately we took the bus and couldn’t find the office.  We were walking around this particular area looking for the hospital.  It turned out to be in the mall.  We told the receptionist what happened and rescheduled for the next day.  By the way, this office was 3 stories but you couldn’t tell from the entrance.  It had an MRI area and seemed to be very advanced.

So, the next day we returned and got there about 10 minutes early.  We checked in and waited for a few minutes when a well dressed lady came out to get us.  It was the doctor.  I had thought the doctors were coming to get the babies in the pediatric area, but I think it is normal for them to do this with all the patients.  She greeted us with a Chilean kiss, and walked us back to her office. We tried to talk.  She spoke a little English and I tried my Spanish.  It was a good appointment although I think she had a lot more she wanted to tell me about Andrew that I couldn’t understand. All in all, it was a super nice facility with total ease of making appointments and paying.

They do have private and public insurance here.  We just paid for the appointment which I think was around $60-$70 dollars.

It’s funny how malls are dying in the States but are big here.  They have the typical indoor mall but this one where the doctor was located was a combination of indoor and outdoor.  We just saw another huge mall being built Saturday when we were out.

Another huge difference is they give their bank account numbers out so if you owe someone money you can do a bank transfer to their account.  I am not sure how this is done if it’s online or in person but they give it out without a problem.  They also share their RUT (root) number which is an ID number that you need for a lot of things.  We went to get Andrew’s medicine and needed it.  We told her we didn’t have it and she said just bring in a friend and use his RUT.  This is not uncommon.  That’s how we got our internet.  Someone put their RUT down for us.  It’s not used for identity theft but it seems completely foreign for us to share something like that.  An American friend said someone shared their RUT so he could get a cell phone.  He told the friend that if they were in the States he wouldn’t be sharing his number for her to do that!

It’s getting a little cooler now.  It’s been in the 60’s in the morning so the fall days are rolling in.  You all are probably having nice spring-ish days.  It’s hard to believe we’ve been here 6 weeks. It seems like we’ve lived here for a long time.

We’re waiting on St. Andrews to respond but God has given us a contact of a Scottish couple who lives near SA and is here until the end of March.  We hope to meet them soon to get information about the area.

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I think I may have mentioned that there are a lot of sushi places here.  We have had it once at a restaurant down the street and it was delicious.  The only problem with sushi is it is expensive and we always want more after we’re done.  Every Friday we go with the boys out to eat and they always want the pizza place that I wrote about before.  It is good and they know us now.  However, this week I noticed they were closed all week for vacation.  We had to pick another place so I looked up on what good restaurants were nearby.  I hit the sushi jackpot.  We ended up at NIU Sushi which gives you 50% off if you pay in cash!  We ordered, ate, and when he brought the check there were 2.  One for cash and one for credit.  It was soooo good too which made it even better.

Speaking of restaurants closing down I have seen that more than once here.  They just shut down for a week and go on vacation.  People have told us that the city is not as busy since we’ve been here because so many people are gone for the summer.  Apparently, they close up and go until March.  Since this is the last week in February we figure we’ll start seeing traffic, etc. increase.  I don’t think that happens very much back home that I am aware of.

I had a nice lunch one day this week.  The week after VBS the boys went to a game night at one of the family’s homes from the church.  They live in the ex-pat area where it is single family homes and super nice.  So, we figured out the buses and headed up there.  When we got there I saw another mom bring her kids and drop them off.  While I was walking back to the bus stop she stopped and asked me if I wanted a ride since she was in her car.  I told her I didn’t live close and she said she was actually going in my vicinity and could drop me off at the mall near my house.  We exchanged numbers and had a pleasant conversation on the way back, and she even brought the kids back in the city so we wouldn’t have to ride the bus back out.  Very nice family and they happen to go to the same church we’re attending.  Well, Tuesday night she called and invited me to lunch at her house which we worked out for the next day.  She picked me up and we drove to her house.  It was amazing.  It turns out her husband has a very important job in Chile.  The house was beautiful, the grounds full of big trees and beautiful flowers, a pool, a fish pond, a terrace for lunch, etc.  It was so nice and something I haven’t seen here in Chile.  There are lots of nice houses and areas here but this was more than that.  She asked me not to include the pictures I took or information about them which I completely understand.  They are a nice humble family and like all of us need prayer and wisdom with our lives.

It was a good week.  Next week we’re going out of town which I will tell you about when we get back.  We’re also looking forward to our friend Aaron from TX who is coming to visit us on his spring break.  He is a teacher so we are glad he could visit.  He’ll be getting here a couple of days after we return.

Write soon.  Takecare.  jane

p.s. next time i’ll write about our doctor appointment we took Andrew to for his ADHD.



Chile is like California in its weather, and also because it has earthquakes.  The other day Timothy and I walked to Lider  (Lee-der)(Walmart) and when we got back Kent and Andrew said they felt an earthquake.  I don’t know why we didn’t feel it walking outside, but they felt it in the building.  Someone told Kent that it was a 5.8 and it was in northern Chile.  After they told us, T and I started feeling lightheaded.  Think it was a mental thing.

Thursday we went to La Vega, the huge central market.  It was different-huge, spread out, kind of dirty, filled with all types of people, foods, cars, etc. ( Since I can’t do The Grocery Game here with my coupons, I was able to get amazing deals with produce.) We ended up buying 2 “granny carts” to fill up along with a backpack.  I won’t bore you with my finds but at Lider the day before I bought a green pepper for about 500 pesos which is about a $1.  At La Vega I got a green pepper for 100 pesos which is about 20 cents.  So we loaded up- potatoes, cantaloupe, lettuces, blackberries, raspberries, grapes, honeydew melon, walnuts, black beans, raisins, and more.  It was great.  They have butchers and cheese vendors we want to try next time.

Fresh strawberries.  A kilo is about 2.2 pounds and it was 500 pesos which is about $1
Fresh strawberries. A kilo is about 2.2 pounds and it was 500 pesos which is about $1
A potato shaped like a duck
A potato shaped like a duck
These green onions were huge.  Cebolla is onion, cebollin is little onions. (I think)
These green onions were huge. Cebolla is onion, cebollin is little onions. (I think)

Friday morning I went to a ladies coffee and prayer time.  I’ve been meeting with them since my first week here.  These ladies are so friendly and helpful.  Most of them have lived in many different countries and are from places ranging from America, South Africa, Peru, Columbia, Canada, etc.

A group of ladies I meet with weekly.  They are from all different parts of the world.
A group of ladies I meet with weekly. They are from all different parts of the world.

We ended the week with a fun evening at the home of our friends from Tennessee.   They have 4 kids and all of the kids ate out on the patio. The boys had so much fun we could hear them laughing from inside.  We met this family on our first trip to Chile so it was great finally catching up with them.

I am going to try to take a picture of the mountains.  We noticed they had snow on the caps yesterday.  Yesterday was the first day without sun since we’ve been here.  It was overcast and drizzled a little bit.

It’s amazing how God has given us so many friends and contacts since we have been here. This week we are going to try to figure out how to go to the doctor so we can get a prescription for Andrew’s ADHD.

The ex-pat kids that go to the International School are starting back to school tomorrow.  This is the end of their summer break.   This school actually stays on an American calendar so even though it’s not a new school year they have an extended Christmas break.  The Chilean schools don’t start until March and it is their beginning of the new school year.   It’s so weird seeing all the back to school supplies in the stores.

Sorry to ramble. It’s think and type tonight.

Hope you all are dug out of the snow!

Cook-out, Podologia, and more

This post could be long.  I think about all of these topics I want to tell you about while I’m doing other things, and then when I get behind the computer I forget what they were.  If I can remember tonight I’m going to do it.

We went to a cook-out Saturday and had a nice time.  It was a crazy hat party so if you had summer birthday (which is now) you had to wear a hat.  They may show up on my pictures.

two new friends.  Hillary and Denisse.  Denisse is a Chilena
two new friends. Hillary and Denisse. Denisse is a Chilena
friend Becky making homemade ice cream.  she had a summer birthday
friend Becky making homemade ice cream. she had a summer birthday
Our pastor who is making his ice cream.  he's planning on retiring in October.
Our pastor who is making his ice cream. he’s planning on retiring in October.

Monday I went with a friend to get a podologia.  Last week at VBS we were talking about pedicures and she said I had to try this instead.  It is more than a pedicure and what we can get done when we go in the States.  They take you back into a small room and you sit in a “dental chair” and there is no water bath.  A podologia is truly a procedure to get off the hard skin and calluses around your heels and on the balls of your feet.  They even fixed my funky little toe nails.  They actually look normal now.  I missed the massage (there was a little at the end) but my feet haven’t been this soft in years.  She used a blade to scrape and a little sander to get rid of all of that dead skin.  Maybe I’m getting too detailed….anyway, I’ll be going back when my mom gets down here.

My friend has lived here for 32 years so she speaks fluently, but she was in her own room.  I was trying to talk to the lady who was doing my feet.  She was asking me something with “calor”.  I thought she was asking me what color I wanted my toes painted so I kept saying color names.  She was actually asking me if I was hot.

the room with the "dentist chair". Notice the tool hanging on the wall.  it had a mini sander on the end
the room with the “dentist chair”. Notice the tool hanging on the wall. it had a mini sander on the end
my friend Jean who took me with her
my friend Jean who took me with her
the pretty lady that did my nails and polish
the pretty lady that did my nails and polish
Finished feet after polish
Finished feet after polish

Lastly, just a few little things to tell.  Driving- I’ve been in a car a little lately.  I notice that you can stop on a busy street and as long as you put your hazard lights on they don’t care.  Otherwise, they’ll beep at you.  So they like the hazard lights.  

The grocery store- when you buy  produce they have a little stand that you have to go to get your food weighed.  I don’t think they trust the shoppers to do it themselves.  They also do it for homemade bread items like rolls, french loaves, etc.  You put it in the bag and they weigh it.  If you go to the cashier and haven’t weighed it you can’t buy it (unless you go back to the weigh station).

Also, there are college students who bag your groceries.  They don’t get paid by the store but work on tips.  I didn’t realize this until we had been here so I wasn’t tipping for a couple of bags, but I do now.  We usually tip just a couple hundred pesos which is less than $.50  Doesn’t sound like much but I guess it adds up throughout the day.  These students will also push the grocery cart full of bags and take it to your apartment and unload them in your kitchen for a tip of 1,000 pesos which is about $2.00.  We haven’t done that because our refrigerator is so small we can only get a few things in there at a time.

Tomorrow we are having some missionaries over for dinner.  We met them last week when they brought their son to VBS.  They also are from Lewisville, TX which was super close to us when we were in TX.  Hillary is also coming.  She has 4 kids who are with their Dad until next month.  What a story she has to tell!  If I get her permission I’ll share it with you.  She’s a neat lady.  In fact, tomorrow she’s coming over and we’re meeting Denisse at the mall to practice our Spanish.  Denisse doesn’t talk English fluently but she understands a lot.  She is great because she speaks slowly and annunciates the words clearly for us to understand.

We’re waiting for St. Andrews to respond to us about Kent’s application.  We should know something next month.

Call if you get the chance.  Remember we have a magic jack!  🙂


This week we spent the mornings at church working at VBS.  It was a great time with 60 kids coming each day.  I worked with the preschool group and out of the 60 children we had 18.  Only 14 of the children were from our church so it was a big outreach event.

Our family got to meet many new friends and it was a great blessing for Timothy and Andrew.  They finally have friends to hang around with.  The week ended with a picnic at one of the family’s homes this afternoon.  They live in one of the areas that is mostly single family homes and is made up of mostly ex-pats and is near the international school.  We had not been out there but had heard about it, so it was interesting to see something other than apartment living.

The following are some pictures from the week.

the preschool team
the preschool team
T and the drama team
T and the drama team
The main meeting area at "kingdom rock"
The main meeting area at “kingdom rock”
T and a new friend
T and a new friend
the picnic after VBS to celebrate the end of a great week
the picnic after VBS to celebrate the end of a great week

More Chilean Food

Patricia came back on Tuesday to cook.  She made pastel de choclo which is a dish that has ground beef and chicken on the bottom with a corn crust topping.  She had a salad and some cooked mushrooms with it.  For dessert, she made a Chilean dessert called mote’.  It is a sweet liquid with a dried peach on the bottom and a grain that is like an unsweetened cereal on top.  It’s hard to explain because it’s not like anything I can compare it to.

The funniest thing happened while she was here.  She speaks very little English so we were trying to communicate the best we could.  I felt like it was going well.  When she was almost ready to leave she asked me to come in the kitchen and see everything.  Timothy followed me in there because he is actually picking up a lot of words too.  She showed me the different plates, put the meat dish back in the oven, and then she said “bano” at the end.  We thought she wanted us to see something in the bathroom.  So, we leave the kitchen and follow her to the bathroom.  She gets to the door and turns around to us and says “no. yo.” and other words I didn’t understand.  It was so funny.  T and I turned around and started laughing.  We obviously aren’t as good as we thought!

I’ll have VBS pictures this weekend.  It’s been a blessing.

Pastel de choclo
Pastel de choclo
Chilean dessert called mote'
Chilean dessert called mote’

End of Week 3

Thursday night Kent and I walked down the street to a cafe we had been wanting to try.  The manager came out to help us because he spoke English.  As we started talking to him we found out he was a Christian, married to a Chilean woman, grew up in Turkey, and had lived multiple places including Arkansas where he owned a restaurant.

Saturday Kent and I went with our potential investment partners south to look at a farm they had seen last weekend.  They were interested in it but weren’t able to see it all then because they needed horses to see it all.  So, they rounded up horses and we met them for about a 3 hour tour!  My horse was nice but I couldn’t get it to quit eating.  He would go for a few yards then stop to eat the grass.  I pulled up the reins and did what they told me but he must have been starving.  The farmer who was with us had to take the long rope and pull me along the entire time.

The house pictured was on the property and is where the irrigation farmer and his family live.  They were a very kind family with 2 sons and a daughter that were aged 9-18 I think.  When we got there they came out to talk with us the best we could.  I took the pictures mostly to show Andrew and Timothy how others live in this world.

The Super Bowl is on now.  An American couple took us over to an American owned sports bar to watch.  The only problem is we needed to go 2 hours early to get a table.  We got one and hung out for a while but the commentary is in Spanish and they don’t show the commercials here so it’s not quite the same.  We gave up our table but there were many people waiting to get it.  We’re home now surprised that Seattle is so far ahead.

This week we are helping with Vacation Bible School at church.  We have to get up early to get over there by 8:30.  We take the metro and then have to get on a bus.  It’s been an adjustment to plan time to get places around public transportation.  I signed up the boys to help too.  I wish I could say they were looking forward to it….  🙁  I know there are some kids their age volunteering so I am hoping they can get to know a few kids this week.

Have a blessed week.

End of Week 3

the house the farmer and his family lived in.  this is out in the country
the house the farmer and his family lived in. this is out in the country
The manager at a cafe down the street from Turkey.  He asked us if we were missionaries.  He is a Christian and very interesting to talk to.  He's lived in lots of places including Arkansas!
The manager at a cafe down the street from Turkey. He asked us if we were missionaries. He is a Christian and very interesting to talk to. He’s lived in lots of places including Arkansas!
Superbowl party at an American owned restaurant
Superbowl party at an American owned restaurant