Monthly Archives: August 2014


These last few days have been so busy trying to prepare to move to Scotland, and we have seen God answer so many requests it’s been amazing to watch.  I want to share His work so He can be glorified!  This is a few things He has done.

1.  He brought a family to us through a friend at church that is going to rent our home and bring their horses here.  Also, mow our fields, etc. a real blessing.

2.  He has provided friends to keep one of our dogs for us.

3.  He has also brought another family to keep our parrot.

4.  The boys will keep Lilly our Schnauzer.

5.  When we drove 3 hours to get our fingerprints taken for our visas we realized we had not done all of the required paperwork that we needed.  We thought since it was the government that there would be no way to figure it out and we would have to return the following week.  But, they told us what to do and said if we got it done to come back and they would work us in.  We left after a full day with ALL that we needed to submit the visas.

6.  We found a furnished rental house that fits our needs and appears to be just fine for us.  Renting over there is not like here in the US.  We had to submit a written biography of our family with pictures, references, financial statements, application, and then they wanted someone over there to preview.  It was a lot of work.

7.  God provided a contact over there of a retired missionary couple we met in Chile.  They helped us find the house.  Over there they want someone to preview the house for you before they will rent it to you.  They were nice to do it for us.

8.  Then he had us contact our Sunday school teachers in Connecticut when we were newlyweds about a different matter.  She asked what and where we were.  When I told her we were going to St. Andrews she said her nephew and his family were over there doing the same thing!  So, we now have a young family as a contact as well.  They have been an enormous help with questions that you just can’t answer from over here.   He is also studying under the same man Kent is!

We never really doubted that we were supposed to go to Scotland in the last few months even though we tried to do other things and weren’t excited about going.  However, He has continued to show us and work out things for us which gives us confirmation and an excitement about His plan for us.  I think we are growing more excited each day.  We do have some things that are still to come and I know He is already working on but need to happen soon.  Please pray:

1.  We don’t have our passports because the UK visa people have them.  We can’t buy tickets to go because we don’t know when the passports will get back here to us.  They say 1-3 weeks.  So, we will have to buy tickets short notice.

2.  We are moving out all of our furniture into our garage/apartment on the back of our property.  We just unloaded our stuff from Texas last summer and never fully unpacked everything.  We are slowly  moving what we can out there.  We do have movers coming to finish up for us on the 25th which will help.

3.  We have decided to put Timothy and Andrew  in school over there.  The school starts August 18th so they will be late.  They know and haven’t really reacted.  I think it will be good for them to make friends there.  It will be a new experience.  Just praying for a smooth transition.  The school is a public school but honestly they do things so differently that I am not completely sure how it all works.  The American lady sent me a contact of a mom that has her kids there so I was able to email her.  I think they will also be able to help Andrew with his academic issues.

4.  The older boys start school August 18 at Liberty.  We will see them in Chile for Christmas so it will only be 3.5 months til we see them.  That’s not too bad.  I’ve enjoyed this summer with them.  Sergey hasn’t gotten orders to return from Afghanistan but he thinks it will be soon.

We miss you all and hope to see as many of our friends as possible before we leave.  Texas friends- I thought I could get down there but it’s probably not going to happen.  Come to Scotland!  You have a friend there!