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Campfire and S’mores

We talked our boys into coming to the farm for one last time together.  They don’t particularly like it there because we don’t have a bedroom for them in our apartment we’re in now, and we don’t have internet or cable set up since we aren’t living there.  I guess I can understand their feelings.  So, we decided we would have a campfire, pizza, and s’mores for our good-bye dinner.

IMG_4303 IMG_4309

It was so cold out there but thankfully I remembered where I had put all of our winter gloves, scarves, and hats.  We opened that container up and passed around whatever was needed.  The boys brought their friends, Eddie and Helen, and our neighbors that are living in our farmhouse came out as well.  Kent’s parents also came out for a little while.

IMG_4313 IMG_4307 IMG_4312 IMG_4302

We were so happy to be home, and it actually helped us to be able to come back with a good attitude.  We didn’t get to do all that we wanted to do – but, we will have to do those on our next return trip.

I probably won’t have as many posts unless I can find something interesting to do.  You know how exciting my life is…..LOL.  But, I am not complaining because for some reason God has given us this quiet time now.

Back to the Farm

After we left Chile, we headed back home to the farm.  We thought we were only going to be there for 3-4 days, but after looking at ticket prices, we decided to it’d be better to stay to the 13th.  So, we stayed for 12 packed days. It was just what we needed.

IMG_4275 IMG_4272

First stop was to see Bauer.  He is staying at our friends, the Morris’s.  They have taken him as their own and he loves being there which is a relief.

IMG_4276 IMG_4277 IMG_4278 IMG_4279

This is our visit with them and having a delicious meal prepared by Sarah.  We had such a fun night.  We also saw other friends, spent time in Lynchburg with the boys, saw family- it was a refreshing time.

IMG_4295 IMG_4283 IMG_4281 IMG_4284

Andrew’s Birthday

Andrew’s birthday is the day after Christmas so we spent his 15th birthday eating at their favorite restaurant in Santiago and then going to see The Hobbit.  The thing with boys (at least in my house) is if they find a food place they like they are loyal!  We went to Mr. Jack’s several times for huge hamburgers.  They are delicious but I’m female- I like variety!  Since we got home late on the night of his birthday we had cake and ice cream the next day which he loved.  One thing about Andrew is he likes just about everything and is appreciative for small things.  We bought a Chilean cake that is thin layers (like pancakes) and had manjar all through it.  Manjar is dulce de leche-yum!

IMG_4244 IMG_4245 IMG_4246 IMG_4247 IMG_4248

And, of course, you have to see the pictures of the burgers we ate over and over.  Uhm-Deb?  We also went to the huge market to get food and take the boys to see another part of Santiago.  Robert went with us the second time, and we passed a lady cooking kabobs on her grate on a shopping cart.  We ate one each there with her hot salsa and decided to buy a bunch to take home and eat later for dinner.  She hit the jackpot with our order and was so sweet getting it together for us.  I think we threw her off.  Robert said that was his favorite meal of the trip.

IMG_4197 IMG_4164 IMG_4203 IMG_4202


I think I’ll start on the next part of our trip tomorrow.  Stay tuned….

Santiago Friends

I was going to try to combine several topics in one post, but when I looked at my pictures I had to just make this post into one.  One thing we love about Santiago is the number of people that live there from all over the world.  We enjoy different cultures so it is lovely to learn about them and their culture.

IMG_4270 IMG_4269 IMG_4209 IMG_4208

The pictures above are Jackie (a Chilean from France) and her daughter and granddaughter who had come to visit her from Switzerland.  They were so sweet and it was nice to get to meet Jackie’s family.  Her granddaughter is adorable and is learning German at school and she already knows a lot of English (as well as her French).  Wish I was able to do that!  The bottom pictures are Dawn from California and Stephanie from South Africa.  I saw them at church but we weren’t there long enough to get to visit with them very much.  Next time though!

IMG_4172 IMG_4211 IMG_4212

Rosa is my dear friend from Peru.  She has lived all over the world since her husband works for the Dutch Embassy.  Her grown daughters live in the US, Ecuador, and England.  They’re scattered everywhere!  Gladys on the rights is Chilean but has lived in the US for a long time.  She takes care of her father in Chile.  The bottom friend we met this trip.  She is from Nigeria and I cannot spell her name (sorry!).  She moved to Romania to study and had to learn Romanian, and was in Santiago to do some research.  She is getting her PhD which is why she was doing all the study.


Lastly, our business partner, relaxing before dinner.  I wish I had his wife in the picture as well.  It was so good catching up with them before they left to spend Christmas in the States with their grown daughters, their husbands, and grandson.

We are so thankful for the hospitality of the friends we have made in Santiago.  We were there 7 months but feel like we lived there for years.  They know just how to make you feel welcome.  I think part of it is that families are usually there without any extended family with them so everyone bonds together quickly.

See you tomorrow….

Christmas Break

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written.  We were so blessed to have a rather long Christmas vacation.  We had planned on going to Chile for Christmas, but we ended up getting to stay at our farm for a few days longer than we expected.  It was such a needed and rejuvenating trip for us.

IMG_4201 IMG_4268 IMG_4267

When we left, as you can see from above, we were having very short days.  Sunrise was at almost 9am and sunset around 3:30pm.  Even though we knew it was like this before we came it is hard living it when you aren’t used to it.  When we got to Santiago it was summer and as you can see the days are always sunny and warm and the days are long.  It was much needed!

IMG_4159 IMG_4160 IMG_4204 IMG_4165 IMG_4175

Although we were glad to be back visiting Santiago, it was very weird to be there for Christmas.  It did not feel like it at all.  That was the only downfall of the time away.  Shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops just aren’t right.  The above pictures are at two of the malls we went to.  They love their malls down there!  One day we saw all these people standing on the different levels and we were trying to figure out what was going on.  Then we figured it out- there was a snow blowing “gun” on the top level that started spraying fake snow out.  I was kind of surprised because we could see real snow on the top of the Andes Mountains which are not that far from there.

IMG_4163 IMG_4161 IMG_4162 IMG_4199

We ended up staying in a different apartment than we had when we were living down there.  It was a very nice area, but once again the only problem was the parties.  Chileans love their parties and they don’t stop until 6am.  We only had to endure 2 or 3 but you can see from the pictures that the sounds could be easily heard from their patios.  The last picture is not a good picture but it shows the view we had from our friends’ apartment.  They are friends from church and had gone to the US for Christmas.  They have an amazing, huge penthouse which we stayed in for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  They were so generous to offer it to us.

I have more pictures to share of our time away.  Until tomorrow…….