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Interesting Things

So, my last Prague post will just include some pictures of things I thought were interesting.  IMG_4712 IMG_4713 IMG_4715

This is some of their money.  Every 25 koruna is worth an American dollar.  I never could get the hang of it.  So, their 200 bill was worth $8 in ours.  Is that the right conversion?


This was interesting.  They had several “Thai Massage” places which I was interested in but was hesitant to go to since I didn’t know what I would be getting into.  But a few of these massage places had tanks of these little fish in them and people would be sitting in them letting the fish swim all around their feet.  I don’t know if it was cleaning or massaging?


This is the way people beg over there.  We only saw a few beggars, and they all had their heads bowed down sitting on their  knees.  I thought it was so humble until Kent dropped some money in a guy’s hat and a few minutes later he passed us on the bridge smoking and laughing like it was a joke.  Oh well, we had good intentions….

IMG_4717 IMG_4718 IMG_4658 IMG_4659

This was one of my favorite things, their trdelnik!  Yummy!  They make this treat on a little fire and turn it as they caramelize the cinnamon and sugar on the outside.  It tastes delicious like that but some places give you an option of fillings.  I chose chocolate of course.  The guys chose caramel.  You could also get nutella and vanilla.  I am not usually tempted by this type of treat, but it was delicious and worth the calories!

Until next time……



Prague Day 3

IMG_4689 IMG_4688

More pictures.  These are the streets we made our way through.  IMG_4707

We saw several brides this day so I am assuming maybe they have there weddings on Fridays over there.

IMG_4698 IMG_4696

More pictures by the river that runs through the city.

IMG_4725 IMG_4723 IMG_4721 IMG_4720

These last pictures are taken from the top of the Astronomical Tower.  We walked to the top and were amazed at the great views.  The Tower is a big crowd favorite.  Every hour it rings and Christ comes out and the 12 disciples follow Him.

This was our last full day in Prague.  It went fast but was perfect for 2 teenage boys.  The other posts will be some interesting things I saw in Prague.

Prague Day 2

IMG_4636 IMG_4645

Started off the day with a Segway tour and a wreck in the middle of the road.  We loved riding the segways.  So much fun touring this way.


Then we went to the palace.  I read it was the largest in the world.  It is beautiful and expansive.

IMG_4662 IMG_4661 IMG_4663 IMG_4625


The following pictures we took on the segway tour.  The hanging man is Sigmund Freud- don’t ask me why.  The picture on the sign is a character that comes across as stupid but really is smart and has tricks up his sleeve.  Maybe like Mr. Bean?

IMG_4623 IMG_4624

The time piece is a modern piece put in to place after they blew up the Stalin statue that had been up there.  After they got their freedom, they put up a cover around the statue and then blew it up.  They wanted something modern to replace it.  The shoes hanging on the line apparently is from people who think if you leave your shoes hanging over the line you get a year of good luck.

IMG_4649 IMG_4650

We ended the night sitting on the square watching all the people.  I have been wanting to try a macaroon because I have been reading about them on baking blogs.  They say they are hard to make.  I finally tried a chocolate one and I thought it was just OK.  Am I wrong and need to try it again?

IMG_4669 IMG_4672

Prague- Day 1

IMG_4571 IMG_4573 IMG_4577 IMG_4587

Like I said, we had not done any research on Prague before we got there so the first day we just got out and started walking trying to get our bearings.  Prague is old but it’s so well maintained.  Timothy kept saying he felt like he was at Disney World.  I told him that Disney copied these older places not the other way around.  The streets were cobble stoned, narrow, and curvy.  There were big squares with beautiful buildings surrounding them and many “artists” playing music, blowing bubbles, being mimes, etc.

IMG_4586 IMG_4589 IMG_4609 IMG_4607

The Czech Republic was combined with Slovakia when they were under Russian rule (Czechoslovakia).  They have not been free that many years.  Now they are two different countries.


The prices are lower than in most big cities.  The first night we went to an Argentinian Steak House with unlimited meat, drinks, sides, desserts.  (Like Texas de Brazil)  Meat is very expensive in the UK so we haven’t had a steak since January.  Anyway, we got plenty of protein.  I also had them grill these small but thick round pieces of Brie.  So delicious!  The price though was very reasonable compared to TdB.  I think last time we went it was $50-$60 per person.  It was $25 per person in Prague.  Here is our waitress who grew up in Prague, and us trying to let our food digest.

IMG_4617 IMG_4619


Day 2 tomorrow…..

Prague, Czech Republic

Last week we decided to go to Prague for a few days.  We are trying to take advantage to living over here.  I really have wanted to take the train on a trip but it’s so expensive.  I am shocked that we can fly so much cheaper than a train.

Kent and I have always wanted to go to Prague so we found reasonable fares and left last Tuesday.  We ended up flying through Belgium so we had to try the Belgium chocolate while we waited at the airport.

IMG_4555 IMG_4557

Even though we had wanted to visit Prague (they say Praha (prah-hah), we knew nothing  about it.  We were totally guessing on an area for a hotel and didn’t know what there was to see.  Thankfully, we chose a great area for the hotel.  We picked the old city area which we figured would be a safe place.  The hotel was just OK but it was clean and the room was large.  That’s about all I can say for it but it’s all about the location right?  The good thing about our side of the street is we could look at the nice street across from us.  It looked completely different than ours.

IMG_4565 IMG_4564 IMG_4566 IMG_4567 IMG_4568

So, I can now have something to share.  I’ll send out another post tomorrow…..

Perth, Scotland

Kent and I decided that since we are officially here for less than 6 months we needed to take advantage of living over here.  The weather has been sunny and in the 60’s and 70’s so we have been enjoying that.  The wind here is very strong though so when it drops to the 50’s I really don’t want to go out there.

We decided to go to Perth which is only about 30-40 minutes from us.  It was a pretty drive over.  Perth is a small city I think and very typical of what you see in Scotland.  There is picture of Pizza Hut because Robert is now delivering pizzas for them in Lynchburg.

IMG_4536 IMG_4535 IMG_4537 IMG_4538 IMG_4534 IMG_4539

We went to the beach Saturday.  Our beaches are different in that we develop our beach areas.  There is nothing here but the long beach and fields and forest.  I’ll post those pictures soon.

Robert and Joan

We had our friends, Robert and Joan, over for dinner this week.  We met them in Chile when we were living down there, but they actually live in Scotland not too far from us.  They are such a delight to have around because they are so active and purpose oriented.  They are constantly looking for ways to serve others.  When they were in South America as missionaries they were busy helping terminal cancer patients, children at risk, planting several churches, teaching bible classes, leading women’s groups, etc.  They literally did so much.  When they retired after 50 years in Peru and Chile, they returned to Scotland.  It is very difficult to minister here than over there.  There are more “rules” to follow and there is less of a poorer class because of the government taking care of so many people.  (Chile doesn’t have a welfare system, etc)


Their life experience and stories are so interesting that it is easy just to sit and listen and ask questions.  She is originally from London and he is Irish.  They just got back from a few months in Chile to visit their daughters and continue their work there, and now they are headed to Ireland for a few days to visit friends and family there.  After you are with them you just want to get out there and meet people and serve them.

Yesterday I decided to go to yoga a little early and see if I could meet more people.  I did- I met a lovely girl from Lithuania.  She was explaining to me that people in her country respect religion even if they don’t believe it themselves because of their past.  Their country was under Russia and they were not allowed to have outward religion of any kind.  She said we know how it is not to be able to have any so we appreciate being able to have it openly.  Seems like a good lesson for us!

A Few New Words

Stone= 14 pounds.  I had heard it before but forgot about it.  The other day the young lady who was doing my nails had told me she had recently lost 3 stones.  I looked puzzled, and she told me it was a weight term.  Oh!

Don’t use pronouns-  I don’t know if everyone here is picky about this but I know they do not like for you to use a pronoun instead of the name or word it is.  For instance, my friend at church, told me she heard me talking about Kent and saying “he” but I should have used his proper name or the term “my husband”.

Darling, Love- Surprising to me, they don’t mind being called and using “darling” and “love” when speaking to one another.  I like it, but I know there are those females back home who would be offended.  Apparently, “darling” is said more in Scotland and “love” is used more in England.

They pronounce words differently.  I think they pronounce them more phonetically than we do.  For instance we say pita (pee-tuh) and they say pit-tuh.  Debris for us is duh-bree and I heard on the radio the other day duh-bris.  I still can’t understand some especially with the heavy brogue but I am sure they have the same problem with me!


Happy Birthday!

Twenty years ago we were living in New Jersey and our son Robert was born.  Actually this is probably a day late, he was born on April 6th.  He was the biggest of our boys at just over 10 pounds!  This is the second year I haven’t been able to see him at least sometime around his birthday- I know you moms can relate.


This is him on the right with Kent’s dad yesterday after church.  He wore his suit so he could like G-dad.

IMG_2236 IMG_4265

He is the typical middle kid- easy going, peace maker, affectionate, considerate.  Just thought I’d honor him with a post (even though the boys don’t read it).

We’re having a sunny 2 days.  It got up to 75 degrees yesterday!  We were shocked, but thankful!

Andrew and T cooking

Andrew is going to school here and one of the classes he is taking is hospitality.  He wasn’t sure of it when he started but I think it is one of his favorites.  It is really just cooking.  He has done lots of different things but his favorite is desserts.  Another fun perk is he brings home all of his creations on the days he has the class.

IMG_4507 IMG_4506

So, the other day he brought an  apple cinnamon roll dish.  It had a bottom layer of apples and then the top was cinnamon rolls.  Timothy loved it so Andrew went to school the next day and got the recipe from the teacher and brought it home.  They decided to try to make it right then.

IMG_4509 IMG_4505 IMG_4511 IMG_4510

It turned out pretty good for the first time.  Timothy ate it up.  The next day Andrew made another batch at school just for T.  I am so thankful they are getting along better.  There were many days I couldn’t stand to be around them because all they did was bicker.  I guess they are growing up.