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Delphi and Athens, Greece

Kent is studying for his PhD in systematic theology.  In a nutshell it is taking the doctrines of Christianity and looking at them in a thematic and systematic way.  He is writing on the Trinity and at this point we get into more than I can explain.

He has been greatly influenced by  a Greek writer, John Zizioulis, who he wrote about for his masters thesis.  As Kent tells it Zizioulis made him realize as Christians we are not just “damn sinners” but “saints loved by God”.  He was able to see more of a balanced view of the worth we all have as children of God.  He died for us- He must love us.  It changed his view of God and especially his view of all those around him.  Kent loves and shows charity toward people that before he couldn’t see their worth from God’s eyes.  He has changed so much since we met 28 years ago- still the straight forward, direct Kent but with a softer edge if that makes sense.

Anyway, his adviser told him there was a conference in Delphi, Greece that Zizioulis was supposed to be coming to this past weekend and Kent should go.  He flew into Athens and then took a bus to Delphi.  Here are some pictures of Delphi.  I’ll share pictures of Athens on the next post.

IMG_4955 IMG_4956 IMG_4957 IMG_4953 IMG_4954


Kent said Delphi is a small town built into a mountain.  Honestly, we went there a few years ago when we were living in Richmond.  We took a tour down there but I was so jet lagged I don’t remember even going!  There is lots of tourist shops and he met some of the town’s people before he headed back to Athens.

He enjoyed the conference but guess what?  Zizi didn’t come because he was sick.  He is in his 80’s and apparently wasn’t up to it.  (We call him Zizi because it’s easier and we talk about him quite a bit.  Timothy says he’s going to name his first kid “Zizi” after him!)  Kent was disappointed but he said he learned a lot listening to all of these speakers from around the world discuss their topics.  He did find (I want to say this delicately) that there can be a tendency to worship your intellect and knowledge.  Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about that.  🙂