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Vindolanda was the village near the wall where the people and soldiers lived.  The pictures above are what they think it looked like then and what it looks like now.  They are digging up so many artifacts like money, shoes, pottery, jewelry.  The Romans were so advanced and really have added a lot to our world that we still use today.  Here are some of their findings.

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I found the coins so interesting because they were dated from around the time of Jesus being on earth.  They had the ruler’s pictures like Claudius and Nero on them.  And the shoes- lots of straps and their feet were much smaller then.

If you ever come over, the wall and fort are in England just a few miles south of the Scottish border.

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The pretty pictures above remind me of Virginia.  Can’t wait to see the mountains again!

Hadrian’s Wall

When the Romans ruled the world, they expanded over to Britain to take over in the early 40’s AD.  They decided to build a wall to protect themselves from the barbarians up north.  The wall was thick and went for over 70 miles with a tower erected every mile.  The wall stood about 6 meters.  It is called Hadrian’s Wall.

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As you can see from the above picture of Helen running up the wall that it has dwindled quite a bit.  The interesting thing is that most of the stones did not deteriorate but were stolen for townspeople to build their houses nearby.  The other picture is the width of the wall today.

The Roman men who joined the Roman army were committed to 25 years.  During their time in they were taught many different jobs.  When they were finished, they were able to marry and they received Roman citizenship.  There were actually men from  Syria and other countries that had come to join their army.  I don’t know why that surprised me.  They were fiercely trained and it was a hard life (I think) and they were many times more afraid of their commanders than they were of the enemy.

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These are views from the wall and Helen preparing to fly 🙂

Tomorrow, I will share all the great things they have found at the fort that people lived in nearby.  It’s called Vindolanda.