Monthly Archives: December 2015

Back to Chile

After we left Scotland, we went to Chile for a few days.  We needed to work on some visa issues and visit our farm.  We enjoyed seeing friends and had wonderful hosts.  Our friends Dawn and her housemates, Ruth and Gonzalo, were so welcoming to us.  They shared their home and their food and we had a great location to come and go from.

IMG_6026 IMG_6022

Mary Luz is their maid and she is really a part of the family.  She is a great cook and made us delicious meals.  She is a sweet lady.

IMG_6034 IMG_6032

One of our fond memories is spending time with friends at dinner.  Chile is very European in that they enjoy their long meals and eat very late.  This is our friend George who is actually from Austria but has lived in South America for many years.  He is a pilot and will be moving to Ecuador for a new job.


I need a picture with his eyes open!  Sorry George!

Merry Christmas!

I am late but I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.  We enjoyed a week with our boys at our house.  It was a tight fit but we had a great time mostly playing monopoly, checkers, and chess.  I am going to start back blogging and I guess I will just start where I left off.  So, look for me in the next few days to catch  up.