Prague, Czech Republic

Last week we decided to go to Prague for a few days.  We are trying to take advantage to living over here.  I really have wanted to take the train on a trip but it’s so expensive.  I am shocked that we can fly so much cheaper than a train.

Kent and I have always wanted to go to Prague so we found reasonable fares and left last Tuesday.  We ended up flying through Belgium so we had to try the Belgium chocolate while we waited at the airport.

IMG_4555 IMG_4557

Even though we had wanted to visit Prague (they say Praha (prah-hah), we knew nothing  about it.  We were totally guessing on an area for a hotel and didn’t know what there was to see.  Thankfully, we chose a great area for the hotel.  We picked the old city area which we figured would be a safe place.  The hotel was just OK but it was clean and the room was large.  That’s about all I can say for it but it’s all about the location right?  The good thing about our side of the street is we could look at the nice street across from us.  It looked completely different than ours.

IMG_4565 IMG_4564 IMG_4566 IMG_4567 IMG_4568

So, I can now have something to share.  I’ll send out another post tomorrow…..

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