Prague- Day 1

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Like I said, we had not done any research on Prague before we got there so the first day we just got out and started walking trying to get our bearings.  Prague is old but it’s so well maintained.  Timothy kept saying he felt like he was at Disney World.  I told him that Disney copied these older places not the other way around.  The streets were cobble stoned, narrow, and curvy.  There were big squares with beautiful buildings surrounding them and many “artists” playing music, blowing bubbles, being mimes, etc.

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The Czech Republic was combined with Slovakia when they were under Russian rule (Czechoslovakia).  They have not been free that many years.  Now they are two different countries.


The prices are lower than in most big cities.  The first night we went to an Argentinian Steak House with unlimited meat, drinks, sides, desserts.  (Like Texas de Brazil)  Meat is very expensive in the UK so we haven’t had a steak since January.  Anyway, we got plenty of protein.  I also had them grill these small but thick round pieces of Brie.  So delicious!  The price though was very reasonable compared to TdB.  I think last time we went it was $50-$60 per person.  It was $25 per person in Prague.  Here is our waitress who grew up in Prague, and us trying to let our food digest.

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Day 2 tomorrow…..

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