Prague Day 2

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Started off the day with a Segway tour and a wreck in the middle of the road.  We loved riding the segways.  So much fun touring this way.


Then we went to the palace.  I read it was the largest in the world.  It is beautiful and expansive.

IMG_4662 IMG_4661 IMG_4663 IMG_4625


The following pictures we took on the segway tour.  The hanging man is Sigmund Freud- don’t ask me why.  The picture on the sign is a character that comes across as stupid but really is smart and has tricks up his sleeve.  Maybe like Mr. Bean?

IMG_4623 IMG_4624

The time piece is a modern piece put in to place after they blew up the Stalin statue that had been up there.  After they got their freedom, they put up a cover around the statue and then blew it up.  They wanted something modern to replace it.  The shoes hanging on the line apparently is from people who think if you leave your shoes hanging over the line you get a year of good luck.

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We ended the night sitting on the square watching all the people.  I have been wanting to try a macaroon because I have been reading about them on baking blogs.  They say they are hard to make.  I finally tried a chocolate one and I thought it was just OK.  Am I wrong and need to try it again?

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