Biggest Blessing Part 2

Carrie and I are now going to yoga 2-3 times a week for exercise and to meet people.  Our first friend was Margaret.  Margaret was right behind me and I liked her outfit! ( I am so spiritually deep sometimes!)  So, after class I asked her where she was from.  She is American and lives in Indiana.  Her husband is on a year sabbatical from teaching as a professor at a university so their family came over for the year.  We hit it off immediately and invited her for lunch.  During our conversations we just started talking about the Lord and she asked us if she could come to our bible study.  We were so excited and through some specific “coincidences” we decided that Carrie and I would meet with her on Tuesday mornings and study the book of John.

We met a handful of times and then decided we should do a “coffee” and invite the people that we had met at yoga.  We would tell them that we usually meet for bible study but for that day we just wanted them to come over and get together away from the gym.  We got the best reception.  They were so excited.  In fact, after the coffee they all decided they wanted to come and study the bible with us.  Our first study we had 8 ladies  of all different ages and from USA, Scotland, Lithuania, Denmark, England, and Poland.  The best part is they were not all Christians!  It’s been amazing.


Now that school is out and 2 of them are graduating and leaving us for good we wanted them to hear the clear message of the gospel.  We wanted them to hear it and then be able to do with it what they wanted.  So, last week after yoga, we had a lunch and invited our pastor to come share and answer any questions they may have about Christianity.  We also invited our teacher Madira and she came too!  It was a great conversation with lots of good questions.  As Americans I think we take our Christian culture for granted.  Most countries are not like that.

We may not see some of these girls ever again but we have showed them God’s love.  Vasare from Lithuania said she had never been around a group like this before in her life.   What a compliment!

The next post I’ll introduce you to my bible study friends….

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  1. Jane, I’m so happy to read how God is working through you and you are planting seeds! You are a special lady!

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