New Sweet Friends


This is Carrie.  She is my partner in crime.  She has a love for the Lord and His word.  She is a deep thinker and has a desire to teach.  Her lessons are so good and so much more than just looking at the text and asking “What do I think this means?”  She goes deeper and asks hard questions that make you think.  She is contemplating studying for her PhD. which I am encouraging her to do if the Lord opens the door for her.  She is kind of a “single mom” to her daughter Rosemary for this year because her husband Garrett is having to travel back and forth to the US.  He is a scientist and invented a polymer that can be used in many different ways.  He has a business that is here and there so he is having to do a lot of traveling now.  They’re hoping he will be more here than there in the fall.


This is Margaret.  Our first yoga friend.  She has a sunshiny personality and is always friendly and talkative to everyone.  She is a go-getter and an organizer.  Her family has taken advantage of living here and been on several trips that she has made into lessons learned for her boys.  She has 2  elementary sons, Jake and Henry, and of course her husband Erik who is a philosophy professor.  She is a retired attorney and has been at home being a mom for the last few years.  She’s been through a lot but you would never know with her positive outlook to life.


Vera!  She is a student at St. Andrews.  She actually goes to our church and we’ve known  her since we moved here.  She is a strong Christian and knows her Bible!  Her background is amazing.  Her mom is German and her dad is a Palestinian Christian.  She shared with us that her family’s Arabic heritage has always been Christian.  There is a special way of following their family generations by the repetition of names so her dad researched and knows the long  Christian heritage they have.  She is in medical school so she will be moving to Glasgow to do 3 more years of training.  I’m always so impressed with people who can speak and understand more than one language which she can.  She spent a year in Israel working and living with her family over there.  I could go on and on about Vera and how special she is.  I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in her future!


This is Joan.  I have written about she and her husband before because I appreciate them so much.  She and Robert travel quite a bit but Joan has come with me to the bible study when she is in town.  Everyone loves Joan!  She is a godly example to us and so energetic.  When I think of Joan I think of laughter.  She has a contagious laugh that just makes you want to be happy too.  They are retired missionaries but they really aren’t retired.  They are always serving and doing for others.

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  1. Sweet, sweet Jane. Thank you so much for your generous comments, fellowship, friendship and amazing Christian example. You and Carrie and all of the ladies have been a huge blessing to me here in Scotland, and I have a feeling we will always keep in touch even when God leads us on our separate ways. Much love, xo Margaret

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