More New Friends


Vasare- I have so much that I could say about Vasare. ¬†She is a private person so I won’t tell too much ūüôā ¬†She is a well-read, intelligent young lady. ¬†I tell her that all the time. ¬†She’s read the Bible, Quran, Zen, etc. ¬†so she is a thinker. ¬†She would consider herself more of a Buddhist. ¬†We have spoken to her so much about Jesus and I appreciate all of the conversations that she has had with us. ¬†I love being able to speak and communicate these truths without it being tense and emotional. ¬† She is leaving Scotland for good so I may never see her again. ¬†Today she met Kent and I for coffee and we talked for 2 hours about Christianity and other religions. ¬†I told her the reason we keep giving her information to think about is that we love her and as a Christian we want all the people we love to be with us in heaven.


Agnieszaka is in the orange shirt above. ¬†She is such a lovely young lady too. ¬†She is from Poland and is a masters level student in psychology. ¬†She and I met in the yoga hallway. ¬†She is a smartie too. ¬†She would like to come to the US for a job or to study but surprisingly Poland is the only EU country that can’t just come to the US and visit. ¬†I couldn’t believe it. ¬†Anyway Agnie was one of the first international students I met and she is just so friendly. ¬†She has been a fun addition to our group. ¬†Her parents came to visit so we have missed her recently while she has been travelling around with them. ¬†She will be here all summer though which I am glad about since I will be too!

I’m so sad I don’t have a picture of Agnes. ¬†She got her flight dates of her return home mixed up so we didn’t get to see her before she left. ¬†She came as a friend of Vera’s and we were so glad she joined us. ¬†She is a soft spoken young lady. ¬†She’s someone who doesn’t say a lot but when she does you want to know what she says. ¬†She has another year at uni so we hope to see her again in the fall when the students return.

Here are just some of us gathering together.

IMG_4907 IMG_4905 IMG_4904 IMG_4734 IMG_4733

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