Spring in St. Andrews

IMG_4874 IMG_4873

The spring in Scotland is still cooler than I am used to but it has been very pretty.  My phone doesn’t take a picture that shows how beautiful the fields are.  There are sections of bright yellow that contrast so brightly with the green beside it.  I have heard that this yellow plant is flax, canola, and rape seed oil.  I’ll try to take a better shot of it before it is harvested.  The other day I saw a car full of girls pull over on the side of the road and run into the field and take pictures of themselves in it.

IMG_4889 IMG_4888 IMG_4887 IMG_4886

The flowers are blooming and it just makes things nicer.  The days are getting long which makes up for the short days in winter.  It doesn’t get really dark now until after 10 pm!  It’s crazy but I like it.  It gets light super early around 5 am.  Lots of daylight now.


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