Kent ended up staying in Athens for 2 nights just because of the logistics of the trip.  It is hard to believe that Paul preached there and was in the same city.

The last night he was there he ate dinner with some people he met at the conference.  They were from Bulgaria, Australia, England, and the US.  It’s amazing how far people will travel to be at these meetings.

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One interesting thing about Greece is their plate tradition.  For those of you who don’t know, it is very interesting.  At night when you go out to a restaurant they start dancing.  Then after a while they have a stack of plates and they start throwing them on the floor smashing them to pieces.  I decided to look it up to see how this got started. Tradition says it started when a rich family invited a poor family to eat at their house and to make them feel better invited them to break their plates.  Another site said it was to get rid of the plates used in the feasts surrounding the dead.  Whatever the reason, it is a sight to see.  I think there are youtube clips available to watch if you are interested.  It’s not done angrily but in a happier way.

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