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Versailles is a popular tourist spot outside of the center of Paris.  We arrived around 11am and the lines were zigzagging all around the front of the entrance.  We decided we would go look at the gardens.

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Versailles is so expansive.  It seems to go on and on for miles.  We took a little train around the outskirts of the gardens.  We met a nice family of 3 sisters, a brother, and a friend.  They were missionary kids and had come over to tour together before they found jobs.  They were from the DFW area in Texas AND one had just graduated from nursing school at Liberty and another sister had just graduated with a masters degree from JMU!  And their grandparents live in Vinton, VA (not far from the farm)  It’s such a small world.

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Tomorrow will be the new French food I tried!  Can’t wait to show you that.

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