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One thing I enjoyed about my trip and Europe in general is their more relaxed way of life.  Kent and I are always in a hurry.  I don’t know why but we just are.  We even eat fast.  So, visiting  Jackie was a nice interruption and slowed me way down.  I love the way they take time for coffee or a glass of wine.  It’s just nice.

The first night we had a relaxing dinner at home with cheese, bread, a Polish sausage, and a glass of wine.  It was perfect for when you aren’t really that hungry but want to eat something.

IMG_4995 IMG_4994

The second day we went out for lunch at a typical French restaurant.  We had a “salad” with goat cheese and beets and a fish dish with grilled vegetables.  It was so delicious.

IMG_5051 IMG_5052


The next day was the surprise dish that could never be served in America.  We have friends (the Dinnie’s) that we used to eat lunch with almost every Sunday after church when we lived in Richmond.  Every time we would go to a burger place Bob would order his burger rare,  and every time they would tell him they couldn’t serve burgers rare.  This dish is tartare.  Jackie told me it was raw beef which I was thinking that I like sushi so maybe this would be similar to seared steak.  I was wrong.  The first picture is how it came on the plate to us and the second plate is how she fixed it.

IMG_5103 IMG_5105

To make it the way they like to eat it they stir in the egg, the herbs, ketchup, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, and Tabasco.  They eat it like this or with french fries.  I did eat some but I told her it was so out of my comfort zone that it was mind over matter.  It really wasn’t as bad as it looks, but it was an unusual dish for an American.


We finished the lunch with coffee and a few “mini” desserts.  This tray included a creme brulee, panecotta, a crisp cookie, and a macaron.  A little taste of yummy!

Tomorrow, the village market and the amazing dinner we had in Paris…..

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