The market and a Paris restaurant

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Twice a week the village Jackie lives in has a market set up in town.  It has meats, cheeses, and produce.  All fresh and delicious.  The top picture is 3 different types of pate’.  She bought some veal and foie gras which I had always heard of but never tried.  She invited a friend over for dinner so we were buying food for the meal.

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The above meat is veal with bacon and cheese and pepper around it.  It was so good.  The other picture is rabbit pate’ with the foie gras in the center.  I was glad I tasted it but it’s not something I would eat a lot.  Jackie said they force feed a duck or goose until their liver explodes and that is what you are eating.  She loves animals so doesn’t eat it much because of how they produce it.

The last night we went to Paris and met Tiphanie, Jackie’s daughter.  Tiphanie likes to try different restaurants and this is one of her favorites.  It was one of the best meals I have ever eaten.  The food was amazing and the service was attentive but not overbearing.  I got to try truffles which smell bad and don’t look appetizing, but are really very expensive and delicious in the plate I was given.  They look like a mushroom.

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I had a chocolate souffle for dessert and then they brought out another tray of miniature desserts including one in an eggshell that was similar to a panecotta.

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Finally, the baquettes.  They love their baguettes.  I think each village must have a bakery that bakes fresh bread.  They also had delicious looking pastries as well.

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As you can tell I loved the food.  Tomorrow I’ll introduce you to new friends….

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