Jackie’s Friends

When we had the car trouble Jackie called her friends from Poland to help us.  They work on houses and can fix anything.  They came to France and their families are back home.  They live on her property so they have become good friends.  They were so nice and even though they didn’t speak English it was nice to meet them and try to communicate.  Unfortunately, I cannot spell their names in Polish, but I do have their picture.


Jackie’s friend Joelle came for dinner when we had the veal.  I had actually gotten to meet her when she came to visit Chile.  She is such a nice friend to Jackie and I hope she calls herself my friend as well.  She speaks more English than I do French so she tried and we could have a little conversation.

IMG_5113 IMG_5115


Lastly, I met Tiphanie Jackie’s daughter.  We had the fancy meal together.  She lived in Chicago from age 7-10 with her family so Tiphanie knows English well.  She said when they arrived in Chicago she didn’t know any English, but within 6 months of immersion she was talking without a problem.  She has 3 sons and a daughter and works in a bank in Paris.  She loves to run and she and her husband do races in the forests.  They are running at the end of June and she will run 46 km and her husband 146 km.  That is a long way!  Since I came back I have decided I should try running- I am up to 10 minutes!  I don’t want to push myself too much!  I decided I would add a minute a day on the treadmill and see how it goes.  I get so bored.  Does anyone have suggestions?  I do listen to music.


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