I think I may have mentioned that there are a lot of sushi places here.  We have had it once at a restaurant down the street and it was delicious.  The only problem with sushi is it is expensive and we always want more after we’re done.  Every Friday we go with the boys out to eat and they always want the pizza place that I wrote about before.  It is good and they know us now.  However, this week I noticed they were closed all week for vacation.  We had to pick another place so I looked up on what good restaurants were nearby.  I hit the sushi jackpot.  We ended up at NIU Sushi which gives you 50% off if you pay in cash!  We ordered, ate, and when he brought the check there were 2.  One for cash and one for credit.  It was soooo good too which made it even better.

Speaking of restaurants closing down I have seen that more than once here.  They just shut down for a week and go on vacation.  People have told us that the city is not as busy since we’ve been here because so many people are gone for the summer.  Apparently, they close up and go until March.  Since this is the last week in February we figure we’ll start seeing traffic, etc. increase.  I don’t think that happens very much back home that I am aware of.

I had a nice lunch one day this week.  The week after VBS the boys went to a game night at one of the family’s homes from the church.  They live in the ex-pat area where it is single family homes and super nice.  So, we figured out the buses and headed up there.  When we got there I saw another mom bring her kids and drop them off.  While I was walking back to the bus stop she stopped and asked me if I wanted a ride since she was in her car.  I told her I didn’t live close and she said she was actually going in my vicinity and could drop me off at the mall near my house.  We exchanged numbers and had a pleasant conversation on the way back, and she even brought the kids back in the city so we wouldn’t have to ride the bus back out.  Very nice family and they happen to go to the same church we’re attending.  Well, Tuesday night she called and invited me to lunch at her house which we worked out for the next day.  She picked me up and we drove to her house.  It was amazing.  It turns out her husband has a very important job in Chile.  The house was beautiful, the grounds full of big trees and beautiful flowers, a pool, a fish pond, a terrace for lunch, etc.  It was so nice and something I haven’t seen here in Chile.  There are lots of nice houses and areas here but this was more than that.  She asked me not to include the pictures I took or information about them which I completely understand.  They are a nice humble family and like all of us need prayer and wisdom with our lives.

It was a good week.  Next week we’re going out of town which I will tell you about when we get back.  We’re also looking forward to our friend Aaron from TX who is coming to visit us on his spring break.  He is a teacher so we are glad he could visit.  He’ll be getting here a couple of days after we return.

Write soon.  Takecare.  jane

p.s. next time i’ll write about our doctor appointment we took Andrew to for his ADHD.


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