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Sunday our friends, Lisa and Andy arrived here from Texas to visit us and go to the British Open.  We were so glad they would come over to do that.  It is a hard trip and the jet lag is hard to deal with.  Some people cope better than others.

Lisa didn’t sleep on the plane because she was doing school work.  She is back in school getting a masters degree and a certification so she can eventually get paid for helping others since she’s done it for free for so many years.  Lisa and Andy have 2 sons and their oldest son, Josh, is autistic and very high functioning.  They told them when he was young not to expect much but with their determination he is beyond any place they could have imagined.  If you are interested, please go to and search Joshua Deer and PGA or golf and autism.  Ernie Els, the professional golfer, has an autisic son and is raising awareness in this area.  He met Josh (who is a scratch golfer) and the PGA did a piece on him and some other autistic kids and played it before a golf match on CBS a few weeks ago.  You will be so encouraged and amazed at what God can do.  Josh is Robert’s age and his gift is encouragement.  He used to write out an encouragement letter to all the players on the football team (and other teams as well) and the coaches for EVERY game.  He is now the junior chaplain for the Texas Brahmas.

I can’t leave out Jonah, their other son.  He is a hunter and a man’s man like his dad.  He has gone through a lot in the last couple of years but he has come through it so well.  I know his parents are so proud of him and the accomplishments he has made.

Anyway, they are here for a week so I will just post some of the pictures we took on the first day headed for a 3 day trip to the other coast of Scotland.  We stopped at Sterling Castle and I have already showed pictures of that castle las fall so i will just put a few on today.  I have some great pictures to share coming up.  The west coast of Scotland is gorgeous.

IMG_5329 IMG_5323 IMG_5335 IMG_5333 IMG_5336

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