Oban and the West Coast

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We left Monday for a 2 day excursion to the west coast of Scotland.  None of us had been to that area so it was all a surprise for us.  We stopped at Sterling Castle on the way and then headed over to Oban.  We needed a coffee break and pulled over for a quick stop at this nondescript place on the side of the road.  We ended up staying there for Kent’s birthday dinner.  It was delicious and such a surprise.

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They had fresh lobster from the Isle of Skye which was just north of where we were going.  From there we headed to the hotel and enjoyed the scenery on the way.  It was mountainous and reminded us a little of home.  Their mountains don’t have trees on them like ours do.  It was a lovely drive though.


We met this man and his Ferrari at the gas station and had to get a picture since Kent is such a car guy.


We arrived at the hotel late but we still enjoyed the day just being together, driving to our destination, and looking at all the pretty sights.  The next post I’ll share where we went near Oban.



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