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Thought I would tell you about the excursion(s) to the doctor.  A mom here recommended her child neurologist that she uses for her children.  I looked up the hospital online to see where the office was.  Getting an appointment was so easy.  I registered Andrew as a patient with just one page of information.  Then, I went to the doctor’s schedule and clicked on the time I wanted to see her.

We scheduled the appointment for 2pm but unfortunately we took the bus and couldn’t find the office.  We were walking around this particular area looking for the hospital.  It turned out to be in the mall.  We told the receptionist what happened and rescheduled for the next day.  By the way, this office was 3 stories but you couldn’t tell from the entrance.  It had an MRI area and seemed to be very advanced.

So, the next day we returned and got there about 10 minutes early.  We checked in and waited for a few minutes when a well dressed lady came out to get us.  It was the doctor.  I had thought the doctors were coming to get the babies in the pediatric area, but I think it is normal for them to do this with all the patients.  She greeted us with a Chilean kiss, and walked us back to her office. We tried to talk.  She spoke a little English and I tried my Spanish.  It was a good appointment although I think she had a lot more she wanted to tell me about Andrew that I couldn’t understand. All in all, it was a super nice facility with total ease of making appointments and paying.

They do have private and public insurance here.  We just paid for the appointment which I think was around $60-$70 dollars.

It’s funny how malls are dying in the States but are big here.  They have the typical indoor mall but this one where the doctor was located was a combination of indoor and outdoor.  We just saw another huge mall being built Saturday when we were out.

Another huge difference is they give their bank account numbers out so if you owe someone money you can do a bank transfer to their account.  I am not sure how this is done if it’s online or in person but they give it out without a problem.  They also share their RUT (root) number which is an ID number that you need for a lot of things.  We went to get Andrew’s medicine and needed it.  We told her we didn’t have it and she said just bring in a friend and use his RUT.  This is not uncommon.  That’s how we got our internet.  Someone put their RUT down for us.  It’s not used for identity theft but it seems completely foreign for us to share something like that.  An American friend said someone shared their RUT so he could get a cell phone.  He told the friend that if they were in the States he wouldn’t be sharing his number for her to do that!

It’s getting a little cooler now.  It’s been in the 60’s in the morning so the fall days are rolling in.  You all are probably having nice spring-ish days.  It’s hard to believe we’ve been here 6 weeks. It seems like we’ve lived here for a long time.

We’re waiting on St. Andrews to respond but God has given us a contact of a Scottish couple who lives near SA and is here until the end of March.  We hope to meet them soon to get information about the area.

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