British Open


The British Open being played here was how we “persuaded” the Deer’s to come visit.  We live just a few miles from the course so when they knew we were moving to S.A. they always said they would come visit.  We had a great day and I don’t even follow golf.

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We headed over around 7 am since they were teeing off early.  They love and are involved with the Ernie Els foundation because he has a son with autism and does a lot for the cause.  They wanted to see him play and he just happened to be playing with Tom Watson who was playing his last Open because he is retiring.  

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We weren’t supposed to be taking pictures but we could see many people with their phones out.  Our friends we met through adoption, Joey and Cecilie, live in Texas still.  Joey is a golf pro and used to teach Jordan Speith.  Years ago during the adoption Cecilie had told me about this kid who was going to win everything when he got older.  I remembered the conversation during the Masters and texted Cecilie and asked her if Jordan was the guy she was talking about.  She said yes and that his entire family is so nice.  Joey was at the Masters the last day with them but they didn’t come here. 🙁

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Speith had so many professional photographers following him.  I don’t know how he concentrates.  He also had a man carrying a camera on a segway following him continually.  I think Tiger had the next biggest crowd.  I was surprised by that.  And Tom Watson was very humble and classy.

It sounds like I know a few of these golfers, but I really just learned this week.  The weather turned cold and rainy and windy- surprise, surprise!  It takes so much skill to play in those conditions.

The Deer’s got to take a picture with Ernie.  They mentioned they were Josh’s parents and he came right over.  He said he even had his letter in his wallet with him. (Watch the video to get it).  They’re on their way back home now and I told Lisa it was like they came over on a mission trip to encourage us.  We love you guys.  “linda, linda, linda!”





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