Another Milestone

I thought we would celebrate our anniversary with numbers.

  • 25- years we have been married!
  • 21- age I was when I walked down the aisle
  • 5- number of sons God has blessed us with
  • 7- animals we’ve had (6 dogs and 1 bird)
  • 11-times we’ve moved
  • 4 states we’ve lived in (some more than once)
  • 3- countries we’ve lived in
  • 7.5-longest number of years we’ve lived anywhere
  • 2- careers Kent has had
  • 5- graduate degrees we’ve earned or are earning
  • 11-churches we’ve been members of
  • 100’s- pans of brownies baked and eaten
  • 5- 4 grandmothers and 1 grandfather passed
  • 5-pages of friends and family we pray for on a regular basis.  I want to pray for you!
  • 1000’s of laughs, cries, fights, and fun

Here are a few pictures.  I was going to go back a few years but I didn’t think the boys would appreciate it.  Here is Kent and me in Virginia, Michael, and Robert.

IMG_1801 IMG_3302 2012-02-08 19.07.18

Next, here are pictures of Sergey, Andrew, and Timothy.

274350748004_319408211004_1000_0008 IMG_4245 IMG_1980 IMG_3461

Lastly, our dogs Lilly and Bauer.


We are headed home in October for Kent to finish his PhD there.  Looking forward to being near family and friends.

I know many people are surprised that Kent and I have made it this long because they knew us when we were first married.  NOT that we have answers or know more than others, but if I had to give any advice it would be:

1. Don’t give up.  God blesses obedience.  Everybody has issues.  The grass is not always greener!

2.  Ask Jesus to help you see your spouse like He does.  He can help you forgive and love when you can’t do it on your own.


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