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With Greece having their financial crisis, we were concerned about going on our trip.  Actually, you would not have known there was any problem except some places preferred us to use cash.  Other than that, it was business as usual.  The people know they have a short period of time when the tourists come to work hard and make a majority of their money for the year.

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We met this lady at her restaurant on a very private beach.  We stopped for coffee and before we left we were in her kitchen and she was showing us different foods they eat.  One food (we never got the name) was a cucumber but if you let it ripen it became a sweet fruit.  She was so nice and her whole family worked there.  Her parents had passed it on to she and her husband even though they were still there.  Her son and daughter were waiting tables, and her smaller daughter would just help with whatever needed to be done.


This is Ilias.  He is a fantastic waiter.  We didn’t find the Greeks to be outgoing, but Ilias was so he stood out.  He had lived in FL with his uncle and worked at his restaurant so he knew how to be personable but not overbearing.  We really enjoyed his restaurant on the beach.

We met a super couple from Australia that were staying near us.  We started talking to them on our patios and they came over and chatted with us the last night.  They were Christians so it seemed like we were family by the time we left.  I wish I had gotten a picture of them.  They were great!

Found another sunset picture that didn’t come out too well.



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  1. Hi Jane!! Surprise!! I finally found your blog. Yes, Santorini was a great memory and you and Kent were a special part of that. We were blessed meeting you and knowing you had added us on your prayer list. In fact I knew someone was praying for us when we first arrived back as we were challenged by circumstances but there was a peace about it which was only God given. You have been added on our prayer list and a little while back I was impressed with your names. I noticed in your blog that you are returning home in a few days. Time certainly flies by! All the best in your prep and goodbyes.

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