Malaysia, Poland, and the US


Last Tuesday my new friend Natalia called me and invited me to dinner at our other’s friends house, Mallini.  These young ladies I met recently at the cheese shop.  Natalia, the blonde, is from Poland and is a student there.  She is studying navigation which is the study of being a captain of a ship.  Mallini is from Malaysia and is a biology student at the Uni here.  We all have food in common- we love to eat it!

Mallini had us to her house and fixed us a delicious curry meal.  It was spicy and wonderful with big pieces of salmon in it.  I loved it.  She told me about her country and I will have to write about that in another post.

IMG_5729 IMG_5728

Natalia likes to cook as well and she fixed us dessert.  She made some pancakes and layered a mascarpone cheese mixture between them.  Then she drizzled honey over them, placed raspberries on top, and sprinkled crushed shortbread cookies over the entire thing.  Yum!  You know shortbread is huge here in Scotland and the #1 rated is called Chrystelle’s.  IMG_5734

I thought is was so nice of them to invite me to join them.  I am so blessed to have so many friends from all over the world.  I hope God will continue to bring people into our lives wherever we live because Kent and I both enjoy learning about other people and their cultures.  By the way, check out Mallini’s blog called



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  1. Hi jane! For some reason I still can’t call you with the number I have! I think to call you very often! Call me sometime (today we are out with friend). I get home from school by 4:30! Can wait to see you in Virginia!

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