Mushroom Picking

Apparently in Eastern European countries it is a nice family tradition to walk in the forest and pick mushrooms.  My friends, Alex and Caroline, are from Poland and they love to do this!  They say it is a nice time that grandparents spend with their grandchildren teaching them about the different types of mushrooms to eat.  It’s a family event.

IMG_5741 IMG_5740

Here are some they picked and cleaned a couple of weeks ago.  They brought me some chanterelles the other day- yum!  They encouraged me to melt a little bit of butter, add salt and pepper, and lightly cook them in a pan.  Delicious- I ate them all myself.

When we were in Greece we met a couple from Sweden.  I asked them to tell me something about Sweden I wouldn’t know.  They said most Swedish people eat tacos every Friday!  I thought they were teasing me so I didn’t write it.  Then today I met a young lady from Denmark and they are very close in location and culture.  She said it is true for them as well.  They love their tacos!  I know in Texas some restaurants had Taco Tuesday but that was for an amazing deal on tacos!

Well, we are getting close to begin packing our things up here.  I have been thinking about the blog and if it should just end.  I will not be having much to write about I don’t think after we return.  I am just going to pray about it for now.  See what happens in our lives….

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