Almost A Year

It’s hard to believe that next Saturday it will be a year that we have lived in Scotland.  We thought we would be here for three years, but one month from today we will be leaving the UK for home.  Many of you know Scotland was a much harder transition than we thought it would be.  Why? I don’t know.  We thought it would be very similar and it is in some ways, but yet very different in others.

But, still, because God is good He still taught us during this time.  I wanted to write about some things that I will miss about being here in Scotland.

  1.  The vocabulary- yes, we all speak English, but words don’t mean the same thing.  The more I have been at the cheese shop the more words I have learned or noticed that they use much more than we do.  “College” is high school and “uni” is our college or university.  “Hiya” is hi.  They use “brilliant” and “grand” commonly where we do not.  “Cheers” is thank you. Lassie, lad, and chap.  “Cheeky” is hard to pin down with a specific word- I just know how to use it.  If someone is saying something sarcastic or making a joke you may say they are being cheeky.  Even after a year I still have to ask people to repeat what they have said if they have a strong Scottish accent.  They probably can’t understand me either!
  2. The international community- You all know how much Kent and I love our international friends.  We love other cultures and languages and food.  When you walk down the streets of St. Andrews you can hear different languages and see people from all over.  I love the opportunity to  meet these people.  It’s so cool.  I am going to miss that!
  3. Yoga- oh, my yoga.  I am going to miss those classes.  I have the best teacher ever.  I am not one of the “yogi” people who get something spiritually out of yoga.  I get that from Christ.  But, I do love the workout of yoga.  It’s so much harder than it looks.  Kent and the boys make fun but they have never done it.  It’s great for the core.
  4. Our dear friends-  God did provide with many friends after all.  I remember being so lonely when we got here and just wanting one friend.  We will miss all of those He put in our path.  We’re so grateful for all of them.
  5. Our church- God taught me a lot with our little church.  He taught me how to get out of my comfort zone and look for ways to serve on my own.  He taught me not to judge a church by it’s worship.  The Free Church requires that each service has 2 psalms sung without music.  It is very different than what we were used to.  We came from Texas with bands, dark sanctuaries, lighting, and praise bands.  This new service was very different-more somber.  But, it is still worship.  The church service is not about us but about Him.  It is also a small church in comparison to the churches in the US.  It is small, but it is family.

So, now I begin to prepare for another change….

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