September So Far

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September has been a somewhat busy month.  I think it is just going to get busier because we are wrapping stuff up here.  We are now officially in the boxing up stage of moving and beginning to say our good-byes to friends.  Saying good-bye is the hardest thing about making a transition.  We have been blessed here for sure.

Last Sunday we met our missionary friends, Robert and Joan, at church and then went to lunch with them and their oldest son, Andrew and his wife, Paty.  We had a lovely day with them and went back to their apartment for a walk along the sea.  We won’t see them again that we know of because being on the go like they are (they remind me of my parents) they are headed to Ireland and China.  They are in their late 70’s and now 80’s and still active as ever.  They are young at heart, and are always looking for ways to serve others.

Then, Friday after yoga I gathered a few friends to meet for lunch for Carrie’s 40th birthday!  She is a 9/11 birthday so it usually has a somber feel to it now.  Pictured above are me and Carrie on the left.  Then, Emilie, Ashley, and Lynn.  Emilie is our pastor’s wife.  Ashley is American/Scottish and our resident family doctor (TN).  Lynn is our new friend who just got here a few days ago!  She is from Annapolis.

I am finding that I am starting to get that lump in my throat more often than usual.  I think it is all the change past and the change to come.  I am going to miss the friends that God has given me here.  It’s amazing how being brothers and sisters in Christ gives you a feeling that is truly like family.

Tomorrow I’ll share about a barbq we went to Friday.

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