The Fowler’s

I met an older couple at yoga this year who happened to be cheese shop customers.  Then I realized that the beautiful hand made wooden bowls in the shop were made by him- Mr. Fowler.  He is a man who can do almost anything with his hands.  He is retired now but still stays busy wood-working, gardening, and enjoying the fruit of his labor.

IMG_5831 IMG_5832

Kent had never met them but called them last week and asked if he could come over and see his shop.  They spent an afternoon together just doing “man stuff”.  By the end of the visit, they had planned a dinner out.  Jim and Linda enjoy good food and wine and they invited us to an Italian restaurant in a town nearby.  It was delicious.


They are going to Turkey this Friday so it will be the last time we see them before we leave for the US.  We have a lunch planned Wednesday with some mutual friends so it should be a nice way to say good-bye.

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