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I was going to write about this week and how blessed we have been.  Even the weather has been great- we have had DAYS of sun and temperatures of around 70 F.  That is unheard of for us here.  (Side note, if you want to visit Scotland I would recommend coming in September.)  This week we have been shown so much hospitality and love with invitations for lunches, coffee, dinners, and a good-bye party.  It has been a warm way to end a long year.

I decided instead to write about a lesson I learned and has been a motivation for me for when we return.  Most of you know that Kent and I did not want to come to Scotland.  We looked into a pastor position in Virginia, taking over a ministry at the UN, and a position in the church in Santiago.  Nothing panned out.  We knew without a doubt that we had to come to Scotland.

Thankfully, I can say that we came and were obedient.  We did what God told us to do.  But I did not do it cheerfully and with joy.  There were many days I got up and was mad that we were here.  I would tell God that I did not like being here.  I wanted my way.  I cried like a toddler that is upset that doesn’t get her way.

The amazing thing is that God worked IN SPITE of me.  He let me grow and experience one of the greatest lessons of my Christian life.  I got out of my Christian bubble.  He did all of this with my bad attitude.

My take away is that I am hoping to come back with a grateful attitude and one full of expectation of how I can better serve him.  I want to do it cheerfully.

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