Most of you know that we went to Chile for Kent and his business partner to research and purchase a farm to develop.  They (and an added partner) are in the middle of doing that now.  Chandler walnuts are what they are growing.  So much to learn about walnuts- irrigation, soil, spacing, harvesting, sun/shade, etc.

I finally saw the farm when we went down there in October.  It was a well maintained farm especially for Chile standards.  The previous owner leased out his land to other farmers.  He was more of a horse man.  There are basic accomodations so we had a place to stay- it was nicer than expected.

IMG_5980 IMG_5974

The previous owner had planted some fruit trees and grapes.  There is also a large grove of eucalyptus trees.

IMG_5973 IMG_5984

The manager and his family live on the farm and take care of it.  It is good to have a Chilean there who knows the area and the people.  Here is one of his children.  He is so cute.


The little town which is just a short ride away  doesn’t have much but when my parents came to visit us my dad went with Kent to the farm and he loved this little village.  Here is the main square.  Dad wants to go back.


The previous owner loved horses so much he built a horse ring and put bleachers up for people to watch.  I don’t know if he ever used it or not.  It looks pretty run down now but I bet it looked great when he first built it.  My picture isn’t the greatest.


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