Our new “pets”

One day right before Christmas one of our friends called Kent and asked him if he wanted a rooster.  He had been given the rooster (Brewster) by a neighbor and Brewster wasn’t getting along with his other rooster.  We had been wanting to get some chickens but hadn’t fixed up our chicken coop yet.  This was going to be the motivator to get it done.


We have always had a coop that was on the property when we bought it but we needed to do some upkeep on it.


So, the boys were home and helped Kent fix it up.  We then bought 5 hens for $12 each.

IMG_6157 IMG_6154

It took a couple of weeks but we finally got an egg.  We are now getting up to 3 eggs a day!  It’s like a gift each day and a surprise to see what we get.  Brewster the Rooster and his 5 hens are fun to have around.  Kent is enjoying seeing them everyday.

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