First Snow of 2016

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Last Friday morning a week ago we woke up to lots of snow.  It had started during the night and continued all day.  It was beautiful, and because we were expecting it, we knew we would be staying in for a few days.  I don’t know of our total where we live but it had to be between 1-2 feet.

Andrew enjoyed sledding and so did our neighbors that live next door in the farmhouse.  I enjoyed watching from the warm house!

The fields and lawns are still covered but the roads are clear for driving.  Timothy didn’t go back to school until Thursday and even then it was 2 hours late.  He was happy about that.  Andrew started back on Wednesday.

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Kent is spending a lot of time in his “office” in the garage.  He keeps a fire in the wood stove going all day.  He is finishing his next-to-last chapter and will be headed over to Scotland next month to meet with his advisor and see all of our friends.  I am wishing I could go but I don’t think Andrew is ready to be left alone for a week.

I am working a couple of mornings a week learning a lot about behavior analysis and ABA therapy that is used with autistic children.  There is so much I need to learn- especially a new vocabulary.  It’s good to have a new interest especially since my nephew is autistic.  It really makes me appreciate my sister and what a good mom she is and how HARD she works.  And my friend Lisa and her tireless work for her son Josh.  Amazing.  I think we that are not personally affected don’t  understand all they go through day to day.

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