Kent Speaking

Since we have been back home Kent has had two occasions to speak and interestingly they have been in both of his areas of “expertise”.  In January his Uncle Vander allowed him to speak at his church.

Uncle Vander is a retired pastor.  He is almost 86 years young and has more energy than 2-3 people put together.  I don’t think he ever really retired.  In fact, since he “retired” I know he has done many interim positions in hurting churches and brought them back to health, and he has done at least two church plants.  In fact, his latest church plant has been in the last year or two.  His people love him and he loves them back.  He and his wife Winnie are great role models for us.

IMG_6206 IMG_6208

The second opportunity was at the finance club at Liberty University.  He was able to talk to the students about investment banking and opportunities in that area of business.  It was good for the kids to hear about areas of banking they may not have known that much about.


Kent is working hard to finish another chapter of his thesis.  I’ll be glad when it is done because then he’ll be able to try to do some more teaching if the door opens. He has many hours logged in at his desk in the garage by the wood stove.

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