I go to Lynchburg to see the boys at least once a week.  Some days it is a quick trip to fill up Timothy’s groceries and other times I have spent the night or gone to see a play with some friends.  Letting T live with his brothers has been one of the hardest things I have done.  I trust all of them but the void it left was really big.  I had home schooled him for 3 years and we spent so much time together especially since we have been moving so much.  He’s my buddy and I still miss him.

Last month I went with Sarah and Helen (they came to see us in Scotland) and Eddie to see a play at Liberty University.  The play was called “Brigadoon”   and it was set in Scotland.  The students did a great job with the Scottish accent.  I was very impressed.  We’re going to see Steele Magnolias in a couple of weeks.  I love taking advantage of stuff like that.  Especially when I have female friends that I can go with.  Michael likes plays but he’s probably the only one I could talk into going.

IMG_6283 IMG_6287 IMG_6289

We have not done well teaching them “culture”.  Their idea of art is seen on the floor beside Robert’s chair in the picture above.  They have saved their 2 liter bottles and made “art” with them.

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