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Thursday was a sad day.  Bauer had to be put down.  He had struggled with allergies since we got him.  We actually think his previous owner just let him out of the car because of it.  Allergies don’t seem like a big deal but it can drive you crazy.  He was allergic to grass, trees, dust, grain, and a list of a dozen more things.  So, basically everywhere he was and almost everything he ate his body couldn’t handle.

We tried special food and allergy shots.  Medicines, steroids, antibiotics.  Nothing really helped.  He would just lick and bite his paws and legs trying to get relief.  His body smelled like yeast and the vet told us it was his body just trying to get the yeast and protein build up out of his body.

Surprisingly, it was cancer that took him.  He was so lethargic and we just figured at first it was his body just wearing down from exhaustion.  He had gotten to where he was always walking with a limp but we thought it was because his paws were raw from his messing with them all the time.

We thought he may die on Wednesday afternoon so the boys came home to see him one last time.  We took him to the vet on Thursday and showed her  what we thought may be tumors.  The first two were fatty tumors so we were happy.  But then she found the big harder one and our fears were confirmed.

Kent stayed with him until he passed and then we took him home to bury him.  He was such a good dog.  Best lab we ever had.  Where I went, he followed.  He loved being around us.  He didn’t run away like our other labs.   He loved Kent’s truck and Kent would just put him up in the back and let him lie there for hours.

As I was driving to work Friday morning I started thinking about Bauer’s last breaths and Kent telling us he was gone.  The Israelites had to sacrifice animals as well.  They were to sacrifice  lambs without blemish and usually they were a pet that lived with them and they had gotten to know.  It was not just a simple procedure of killing an animal for food, but this was a sacrifice killing for the atonement of their sins.  It emotionally hurt because the lamb was their buddy, an animal they loved.  With Easter coming we need to remember the sacrifice Jesus made as the Lamb of God.  He was without blemish yet sacrificed Himself to atone for our sins.  How the Father must have felt seeing His Son die- much more painful than our loss of Bauer.

However, we have GOOD NEWS!  Jesus is like no other God.  He is the only God that died- YET was resurrected 3 days later!  He foretold it to the people and did what He said.  He rose again and is living today.

I don’t know if dogs are in heaven – I hope so because I would love to see Bauer again.  But, I do know Jesus has prepared a place for me there to live with Him forever.  I hope you know that for sure too.

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Jane- This is so sad! Our pets are definetly a part of the family and it is so hard when they are gone! I know how much you will miss Bauer- he was a sweetly! I’m so very sorry for your loss.

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