When we lived in Richmond, Virginia almost every Sunday after church we went to lunch with the Dinnie family.  We met Debbie Dinnie right when we moved to Richmond because she was Michael’s kindergarten teacher.  She also has a son David who instantly became Michael’s best friend.  Debbie’s husband Bob was our Sunday school teacher as well as the contractor on all of our home projects we did. And poor Katie, their only daughter.  She endured MANY lunches filled with a table full of boys.

Since we have been gone for almost 10 years, we have still kept up our friendship.  They bought a place at Smith Mountain Lake which is very close to us so when they called and said they would be there for Easter we definitely wanted to go.

IMG_6431 IMG_6444

Michael and David have always been about a foot apart in height.  David is 6’10 and Bob is close.  Kent and Bob look the same when they are beside each other!

IMG_6452 IMG_6425

Eddie, the boys house mate, is like a son as well so we were so happy he came too.  Michael, Eddie, and Robert had stayed at their house for Easter weekend because they had Christian service hours to complete to graduate.  They were Roman soldiers at an Easter walk-through presentation at the farm down the street from their house.

We had such a good day with them.  It is like we never have been apart.  Of course the boys are all grown up.  David is getting married in October.  Michael starts seminary in the fall.  Time flies….

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