Chiloe Island

The last tour we took was to Chiloe (Chee-lo-ay) Island.  This island is the second largest in Chile, and we had to take a ferry over to get there.  We spent the day driving around the island looking at Catholic church restorations, little towns with their shopping areas, and the bigger capital area.  We had a nice guide who grew on us through the day.  His name is Santiago.  When he picked us up at the hotel he asked me if I spoke Spanish and I was trying to respond in Spanish when he told me he wasn’t going to speak English on the tour.  I wasn’t even asking him too but the way he said it didn’t set well with me.  He did speak English, but he was really pushing us to only speak Spanish with him.  We ended up liking him a lot but we were exhausted when we got back.


Shopping in the little town
Shopping in the little town


the fam
the fam


I thought this was my older brother Lee!  If you know him, you'll agree.
I thought this was my older brother Lee! If you know him, you’ll agree.


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  1. Hello my friend, Jane 🙂

    Miss you and think of you often. Ryan was just here for a week for spring break. I was thinking of your boys! Chile still looks fantastico! I’m so glad you are using your Spanish.

    I was on spring break too and I return to school tomorrow for the last quarter! I am trying to think positively :). It is supposed to snow again a lot tonight-crazy! I did get my toes done to help me try to think of spring-we had a day of 70 degrees last week, hurray!

    Miss ya,

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