The Differences

IMG_2262 IMG_2286I can’t believe it’s Tuesday already.  I meant to write before.  I thought i would share just some of the little things that are different here.  First they are a very “kissy” culture.  It’s not unusual to see couples kissing on the street, in the park, riding up the escalators at the mall.  They also kiss you on the cheek as a greeting when they see you.  We keep forgetting and have probably offended a few Chileans.  The other day we went to see our attorney and she greeted us with a kiss.  We just finished the conversation in the lobby and left.  I walked toward the elevator and Kent noticed that she had leaned forward toward me to say good-bye and I had already walked away.  I’m just not used to it yet.  I think it’s very kind though and am going to try to remember.  Most of you already know that Diet Coke is Coca Cola Light everywhere else and it is not the same.  But here in Chile they are doing a test product called Coke Life.  It is a low calorie drink (i think 39) and it has stevia and sugar as the sweeteners.  I had a small taste of it and didn’t care for it but I’ll think I will try it again.  I have been drinking lots of bottled water con and sin gas and have had very few diet cokes which is good.  There are no dishwashers in most apartments and the refrigerators are small too.  They also hang their laundry to dry which saves on our electricity bill.  We still have not paid our rent but the landlords are very laid back.  They say it’s the Chilean way.  Our lease barely got done in time as well.  As Americans we are on top of all that stuff but they are very relaxed about it.  I joined a gym owned by an American from NC.  All of the classes are taught by men and they are mostly in the afternoon.  The exact opposite of what I am used to!  I went to my first class yesterday.  It was rather different.  It was a circuit training class.  Douglas was the teacher.  He kicked my butt.  There were 4 other women and 1 man in a smallish room.  There was no air conditioning!  Got my heart beat up!  He didn’t do the exercises with us but told us what to do and danced around.  I wondered how he could teach so many classes in one day on the schedule.  Kent wanted me to add he sees a general respect for each other.  He was at the bank yesterday for a meeting and the professionals and the support staff all greet each other more equally than what he had seen when he was working.  When he was working in NY it was not that way at all.  I’m going to try to download a picture of the church we’re attending.  It’s San Marcos International Church.  It’s neat because there are people from all over the world that attend there.  The pastor and his wife are Americans are retiring this fall so they are looking for a replacement.  There is also another church down the street from us that a lot of Americans and British go to.  We met the pastor and his wife on the street last week.  They are headed back to America soon to care for aging parents so they are in need of a new pastor as well.  Well I’ll close for now.  Try to think of some other interesting information for the next time.  I think I’ll try to put a picture of the inside of the mall too.  These pictures are from my iphone so it’s not the greatest.  Miss you all!

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