Catching Up!

Just catching up since last week.  Now that our company is gone we have a more relaxed schedule but we still seem to stay busy.  Kent and I will look at each other at the end of the day and are surprised at how quickly the day went.  We’re still working out and doing school with the boys along with Kent reading for his PhD and working spread sheets and financial models for the farms they’re trying to buy.

We keep finding out how Chile does things their way, and we can’t  expect our American paradigm to fit in to it.  One example is in the farm real estate.  They have multiple realtors list their property.  They don’t seem to start with their highest and best price.  Two of the possible properties he’s looked at started at one price and then they went up!  By a lot!  The land deeds are separate than the water deeds.  Water is very important here because it is rare.  So any farm you buy needs to have adequate water for the crops to grow.  Soil must be analyzed for the particular crop that is to be grown.  It’s much more involved than  just finding a farm to buy.  Aren’t you glad I told you all of this?

Monday I went to the Chilean Ladies Bible Study.  It was a little more comfortable for me because it was smaller than the first time.  I am enjoying it even though I still don’t understand 75% of it.  They’re very friendly but they speak so fast!  I’m going to remember that when I am back home and around non-English speakers.  Speak slowly!  I’m posting a picture of our leader with a “shawl” that one of the ladies knitted it.  I think it’s pretty and it’s warm to wear now that it is getting cooler here.


Wednesday after bible study at our church a few of us met for lunch to tell our friend Jackie good-bye.  She is going back to France for the summer to see her kids.  We went to a Peruvian restaurant, and had a big tray with a variety of Peruvian foods. Then we had a sampler of Peruvian desserts.  Rosa, a Peruvian, helped us with all the different foods to try.  They say that Peruvian food is much better than Chilean.  It is very flavorful.  It also happened to be Rosa’s birthday so we celebrated that as well.

IMG_3013 IMG_3015 IMG_3018

Oh!  The next thing I have to tell you about is brand new to me.  Has anyone heard about Ceragem?  This is a South Korean company, and it is a mixture of chiropractic, massage, infrared heat, and acupuncture.  It is a bed that you lie on for 40 minutes and it rolls up and down your back. it is healing for your entire body.  I had walked by the store and couldn’t even tell it was a business.  I went with Jackie and when we got there we checked in and got a number.  We went and waited while they have someone telling the benefits of these beds.  When the next session is open you go to the bed.  You take your own sheets to cover it since different people are lying on it all day.  It looks like an old fashioned hospital to me.  They have their workers coming to each person making sure they are OK and asking questions.  It sounds kind of weird but it is amazing when you finish.  Oh, the best part is it is free!  And they encourage you to come regularly!  I asked how they make money and they sell the beds for people to have in their homes.  But again, there is no sales pitch!  I don’t really get it but I’m thankful for it.  I went everyday Thursday- Saturday  and plan on going this week too. I’ll include a picture of the outside to show the plain building and then a picture of the inside and the people on the beds.   IMG_3029 IMG_3019

Lastly, am I boring you?  One of our friends in Franklin County asked us to bring back a pair of shoes for his teenage daughter.  We went to take a few pictures to give him an idea of what they look like.  I think these may be popular back home too.  I don’t wear heels so I don’t know what’s in style.  Are these what is being worn back home?

IMG_3024 IMG_3021 IMG_3025

That’s enough for now. We are headed down to our South Carolina neighbors on the 5th floor for beans and cornbread tonight.  Oh, we are invited to a Chilean home next weekend so I’ll be sure to take notes to share about that.  We’re really looking forward to that!  Again, love you and miss you all!

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