Bible Study Lunch

On  Wednesday, the ladies in my bible study small group got together for lunch after we were finished.  I think I may have told you about this group before.  We meet at the church we attend but it is a non-denominational group so there are women from all different churches and countries.  We gather at 9:15 for coffee and a snack and then at 9:30 we sit together and sing and the leader gives us a quick introduction to the lesson.  We disburse into our small groups and discuss the lesson.  We are studying Colossians so Wednesday we were talking about submission.  What a spirited topic!  Then around 11:00 we return to the main room together and the speaker presents the lesson.  We usually end around 11:30.  It’s a lovely time.

My small group has ladies from Chile, US, South Africa, Peru, France, and Columbia.  They are a great group of women.  So real and authentic.  The group has a range of ages so we get to learn from each other.   I try to soak up all that I can.

So, for lunch Chrystelle fixed a beet and onion soup.  I had never had fresh beets before, but it was a sweet (not overly) soup.  The only other ingredients were chicken broth and water.  The color was beautiful.  We also had a delicious quiche, quinoa salad, fresh rolls, and grapes.  Then for dessert we had brownies (I brought-surprise!), lemon pie, and ice cream cookie sandwiches.

IMG_3133 IMG_3134 IMG_3135 IMG_3136

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