Picture Explanations

Sorry about the lack of technological savviness.  I couldn’t figure out how to label all of the pictures.  The first one is the head of romaine I bought at the produce stand.  It was so big we ate 5 large salads from it.  I set it beside a peach I bought to get an idea of how big it was.  I sat it right side up on the counter and it almost reached the cabinets.  The other picture is the gym.  The picture of the terra cotta building is just another apartment building I saw on the way to the gym today.  I noticed the huge palm tree in front of it and took a picture.  Lastly, there was a beautiful older home in our neighborhood.  We live in the comuna (neighborhood) Providencia.  It is apartment buildings and stand alone houses like this white one I pictured.  A lot of them are no longer single family homes but have been bought by businesses.  More to come….

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