Baby Massage

I’ve been going to the orphanage every week to help.  This orphanage has babies up to about 5 years of age.  They can use as much help as possible.  I usually start with the babies then move down to the “grandes” which are the “big kids”.  They are very sweet but they don’t get the one on one like kids need.  Sometimes when I hold a baby it won’t even look me in the eyes.  I have to keep trying to make eye contact with him or her.  It’s so important for these children!  One of the babies is so energetic.  His name is Luciano.  He bounces himself so much in his bouncy seat I think he is going to fall out.  He has beautiful light eyes and he smiles at you.  He’s adorable.  I would post a picture but they are sticklers about NO photos!

Anyway, I am telling you this because some of us who volunteer went to a class yesterday with a baby massage instructor.  I wish I had known this when I had babies.  She didn’t teach us the massage because she felt it would be too much of a bonding time and that should be used for the parents and the child.  The people at the orphanage do not want us to bond with them because it is hard on the workers.  They really don’t like us to hold them too much because when we leave they have to deal with a crying baby.  I get it but it’s not right.  I feel so sorry for those babies!  Never having someone just sit and hold them because they just want to!  I have lived the consequences of a child not having a bond with their parent- it’s not good!

She did teach us some “gentle movements” to do with the kid to get their arms and legs moving and to have a one on one time with someone.  One exercise was just moving the legs in a bicycle motion.  She said some babies don’t like it and will tense up as protection.  They’ve already learned self protection at this early age.  She was a sweet teacher and she will be a great mom when she has kids- she just has that personality.  I learned a lot.  Even though I won’t be here much longer I thought God could use this for some other time in my life.


Learning "gentle movements" with the babies
Learning “gentle movements” with the babies

The view from the apartment we were in was amazing.  I hope you can see the snow covered mountains in the background.


View from the apartment.  Notice the snow capped mountains
View from the apartment. Notice the snow capped mountains

Kent and I went out last night to one of our favorite restaurants here.  It’s not a tourist place so the food is not as expensive as other places.  We love empanadas and seafood and they do both well!  We had ceviche, which the serving they give is gigantic ,and full of all types of seafood- fish, octopus, clams, shrimp, yum!  We should have stopped there but we ordered the paila marina which I have shown on here before.  It’s the soup with all the seafood in it.  Here it is -one more time.



Until next time…..Jane


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