Things I’m Looking Forward to in the US

I’ve been thinking about the things I am looking forward to when I get back home.  These are a few that came to mind.

1.  Driving a car.  I am so glad that we walk everywhere because it’s just good exercise.  However, I can’t wait to get into my car!

2.  My dishwasher.  I won’t be taking it for granted for a while!  This is my life now.


3. 4. &5. While I’m at it I’ll just go ahead and add my refrigerator, oven, and dryer.  Enjoy the small things!

IMG_3216 IMG_3218 IMG_3220 IMG_3219


My fridge is shorter than I am so it obviously can’t hold much.  My oven has no numbers on it.  When I bake I have to guess how hot it is and how long to cook it.  I don’t bake often and when I do things don’t seem to look too good.  The stove has to be started with a match every time.  Lastly, my dryer is the rack and the holder and pins out in our laundry area.  I am actually  glad we lived like this because it is very simple, our electricity bill was super low, and it made me realize how fortunate I am to have things that are so basic to us.  Actually, some Chileans have these nicer appliances in their home but many do like we do.

6.  Can’t wait to sleep in our bed.  We have been living like hippies.  When we got here we had a twin bed in our room which was too small.  There’s an ex-pat e-mail list where you can post different needs, services, etc.  I posted we were looking for a mattress thinking it would be the mattress and the box springs.  Kent went to pick it up with a friend who had a car and it was the mattress only.  I should have asked the question or made it clear.  Oh well, you can do a lot when it’s only 6 months!


7.  A shower with hot water for the entire time.  We do have hot water but it likes to come in and out.  There is nothing more irritating than cold water coming down on you in the bath.

8.  Dunkin Donuts coffee and my sugar free french vanilla creamer.  They have DD here but it’s difficult to find just a regular cup of brewed coffee when you go out.  It’s all espresso and cappucino.  They also have the powder french vanilla creamer but it’s not the same.

9.  Looking forward to not having neighbors living above us.  It has only happened a few times, but Chileans like to party.  I don’t care if they have parties but they don’t stop until 5:30am.  I could handle 2am but all night!  We keep our white noise phone app and headphones close by when we know it’s going to be a long night.

10.  Chick-fil-a and Chipotle.  Timothy said the first thing he wants to do is eat a burrito from Chipotle.  Chile has a restaurant called Tommy Beans that serves the same thing but it is not as good.  I had the burrito bowl today and could only eat half because it’s too salty.  Chick-fil-a will be next.

11.  Sitting on my front porch drinking my coffee on the porch swing listening to the creek run by my house and watching for hummingbirds.

12.  Last and most importantly, seeing my family and friends while I am home before we leave again.  I am especially looking forward to seeing my 2 older handsome sons that I have never gone this long without seeing!  So excited!  Also, for those who don’t know Sergey is in Afghanistan and may be there for the next 3-6 months.  He seems to be doing well.  Please pray for him in all ways.

Next post- things I’ll miss about Chile!

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