Good Friends

We moved to Richmond in the middle of Michael’s kindergarten year.  All of the boys went to Grove Christian School until we moved to Texas in 2007.  Michael grew up with a great group of boys and it was sad to leave them after his 8th grade year.  These boys were an anomaly because they were very inviting to new kids that came to the school.  Michael and his friends did not change how they acted but somehow when new boys came into the classroom they were able to get them to change their behavior for the better.  The new kid would start off in one direction but soon realize that they needed to change for the better not the worse.  It was a cool thing because it rarely happens like that.

Moving to Texas was hard on Michael as far as the schools and making friends went.  He was an outgoing leader in VA ,but in Texas he was not included like he had been to so many kids before.  It was disappointing because these were Christian schools where the expectation is higher.  Robert and  Timothy thankfully did not have the same issue. Anyway, Michael always kept in touch with his friends seeing them every summer.  Even though they are all in college they still remain friends to this day.  I have a very soft spot for these young men and if you knew them you would be impressed with their Godly character.

The other day when I was visiting with the boys they had made a time to meet to re-enact a picture that one of the mom’s had found and put on Facebook.  It is a picture after field day one year.  Timothy is in the original picture and he looks to be about 3 or 4 years old so it makes the older boys probably around 11 or 12.  So the older picture is about 10 years older.  David and Michael are the oldest and will be 22 this August and September.  They ended up cropping out Timothy because he wouldn’t go up there with them to do the second picture.  I’ll  include it below.

So, without further ado.  Here is the first and last picture.  They plan to meet every 5 years to re-enact again.  Oh, we are still trying to figure out why Michael has those clothes on if it was field day.  He borrowed David’s (the tall 6’9 friend) for the newer picture.

IMG_3341 IMG_3349 IMG_3373

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