Cerro San Cristobal

Sorry guys!  Once again the description comes separately than the pictures.  When my mom and dad visit in March I am going to have her teach me how to do it right.  By the way, my parents are in Cape Verde, Africa now and she has a blog as well.  Go see it!  It’s at judyputudy.com  She also has her India trip on there from last year and it is hilarious.

Kent went on his first trip out to look for working farms to invest in.  He left early Friday morning and got back late Sunday night.  It was very informative which will definitely help him make a good decision.

While he was gone, I was invited by 2 new friends to hike up to Cerro San Cristobal which is where the statue of Mary is.  Chile is a mostly Catholic nation.  They only started allowing divorce about a decade ago.

We met at 9 AM at the metro station and began climbing the mountain.  It was a tough walk up mostly because it started getting hot.  The weather is cool in the mornings so I wore capris, but by the time I finished I wished that I had worn shorts.  When we got to the top there were lots of people up there sitting and walking around enjoying the day.  They had drinks and food to buy.  The pictures are also of the view of Santiago from the top which is sprawling.

We really had a great time talking and getting to know each other more.  I’m glad we did it.

The boys and I ate pizza Friday and Saturday night.  We went to a restaurant about 2 blocks from our place which happens to be beside the sushi place and the Indian restaurant.  We liked it Friday night and took a menu home so we could really see what all they had.  So, Saturday we decided what we wanted before we went, and I practiced how to say it.  Our waitress was an older lady and we ordered “ofreta 2” which was 2 medium sized pizzas.  She said “no,no, no” and pointed to “ofreta 3” which was a large pizza and 4 empanadas.  We pointed to 2 again and she said no.  So, guess what?  We got 3 and it was delicious.  I love the empanadas.  They are so good. But pizza and anything similar is muy delicioso!

I figured out the best way to have people help you is not to ask them if they speak English because they will usually say no because they don’t speak fluently.  They may know some but don’t want to come across like they are fluent.  Now I say “Hablo espanol un poquito PERO….. “.  Then I try to put together any words I know to say what I am trying to say.

We finally paid our bills today.  We had no idea what to do because they don’t really use their post office because it’s not reliable or honest.  (that’s what I’ve been told) plus we don’t have a checking account yet.  So we figured out that we could go to the metro and there was a store to pay all the bills.  It was true.  We just gave them the statement and paid it to them.  The best part was the amount!  For electricity, gas, and water the total was approximately $19,000 pesos or $38USD.  I don’t even know exactly what we paid for but that’s what they said we owed.  We laughed on the way out because even the simplest tasks are hard when you don’t speak the language.

I’ll write again soon.  It’ll be about food and new friends.  Love you all.  Check out judyputudy.com

2 thoughts on “Cerro San Cristobal

  1. Jane,

    I enjoy reading your blogs! it’s the little details of your day that make me smile. Thank you for figuring out how to share your journey so that we can enjoy it with you! Also, I bought the Daniel Plan book and went to the grocery store. Now to read.
    Prayers for you to breath in this new home for the blessings God has in store. So many changes for you to experience, but it will be over before you know it! Enjoy, Jane.


    1. Patti, I was so happy to hear from you. Let me know how Daniel Plan is. Sounded good to me. Miss you. tell Algernon hey for us!

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