Home Sweet Home

Living in Chile made me appreciate our little farm out in the country.  I have enjoyed being out there, and some of you know that hasn’t always been the case.  We found this farm on the internet and it was supposed to be just a “place to go to in the summers.”  But Kent fell in love with it and all that it required- the mowing and baling of hay on his new tractor and implements.  He even bought overalls which I asked him not to wear when we went anywhere together.   Unable to leave well enough alone, Kent took something old and run down and turned it into something super nice and restored.  The house went from an old, dying, lifeless house to a sweet, lovely home.  I can’t wait for him to come home to sit out on our front porch and have our coffee and to make s’mores on a campfire in our fire pit.  For those of you haven’t seen the farmhouse here are a few pictures.


After we bought it we updated everything on the inside.  This house is over 110 years old so the rooms are very small.  We like to call it “homey”.  Here are some pictures of the inside after some changes.

2012-12-31 16.07.47 2012-12-31 16.07.56 2012-12-31 16.16.31 2012-12-31 16.16.47

Here are a couple pictures from outside.

2012-10-13 18.36.37 2012-10-13 18.40.36

Lastly, our dogs, Bauer and Lilly!  We missed them while we were gone.  By the way, if anyone is wondering about our African grey parrot, Fader, she is staying with friends while we are gone.  They have been so kind to keep her even for this short time we are back.  She is such a stressed bird we didn’t think she could handle the move back and forth.

IMG_3395 IMG_3398

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